Thursday, June 9, 2011


Thanks again for all your support during this little blip on my life’s radar.  Your comments are so uplifting and mean a lot.


I had my biopsy surgery yesterday and everything went without incident.  Apart from a little pain and discomfort, I am doing really well.  I cannot do any physical work for 10 days until the stitches heal so now I just watch my gardens grow rather than work in them and I’ve also been doing a lot of reading.  I next meet with my doctor/surgeon on Monday, June 20th for the results and whatever cards I’m dealt, I feel very positive and upbeat.


Remember this…the flower bed that Mr. Painted Quilt started about three weeks ago?


As the song goes, he never promised me a rose garden but he gave me one and here it is today. We  planted the fifth rose bush on Tuesday, the day before my surgery.  It’s not quite finished but it’s progressing beautifully.


We incorporated the existing white lilac bush as a backdrop to the rose garden and we also added a red Japanese maple in the left foreground.    Eventually I would like to add a few more varieties of roses but will wait until next spring to see how these over-winter.

Our first rose…pretty, huh?


This is my take on an old fashioned ‘kitchen garden’ right outside our back door…just as they did in days of yore.  Because of the abundance of deer in our area, I didn’t want to plant this garden too far away from the house as they would just help themselves.  We’ve been lucky so far.

I started with 3 rhubarb and 6 raspberry plants… 


And here it is today.  I added onions, 3 varieties of lettuce and 4 hot pepper plants for Mr. PQ.  On the patio in the background is a cherry tomato plant on the left and an ever-bearing strawberry plant on the right.

Next year we hope to make a large fenced in vegetable garden and keep the little one outside our back door for rhubarb and herbs.


This morning we went to the local nursery and purchased some annuals to add to our antique wheel barrow.


And what is this you might ask?  Not more construction!


Yes, more construction…but at least it outdoors and there’s no dust and mess to clean up in the house.


We’re having our roof re-shingled.  We knew that the shingles had to be replaced when we purchased the house and now that the rain has finally let up, the work started yesterday while we were away.  The shingles we selected resemble cedar shakes and I love the look.  We were told that it’ll take about a week to complete the job.


And this is Mac’s best friend…our resident squirrel who shares the seed in our feeders with our fine feathered friends.  *wink*  One of the feeders is suspended from a branch in this maple tree and he helps himself at will.  I’m such a softie when it comes to animals.


Since I can’t do any work in the gardens, I’m hoping to get started on my new quilt design in the next couple of days.  It seems like such a long time since I’ve actually sat and pieced at my machine and I’m really looking forward to it.

Thanks again for your support, my friends.



Abby and Stephanie said...

I've been thinking about you. So glad all is well. Attitude plays a huge rule in how we feel too. Your garden, house, yard is gorgeous. I can smell the rose...happy reading.

WoolenSails said...

My prayers will be with you and for good results.
You gardens are coming along beautifully, I haven't even started planting, I am behind as usual. I did get some tomato plants today, so I can put them in tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan to me Kaaren...just take it easy and "play" with your designs.

Allie said...

I am praying for a very good report, hon. Enjoy the "time off" from gardening - your land is looking so lovely! Love the pic of the squirrel.

Marsha B said...

I'm glad everything has gone well so far and am sending prayers for good results on the tests. Your gardens are growing beautifully, you will have some wonderful treats of fresh produce later in the year and beautiful flowers, too. Working with your new design will be good for you!

Darlene said...

I, too, have been thinking about you! I've been sending lots of healing thoughts and prayers your way!

Your yard looks looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaaren,

Glad everything went well yesterday. Your gardens are looking just great. Love the roses.
Take care and enjoy this off time by reading and planning.


Carol said...

So nice to hear your doing ok. Your flowers are so pretty, what a beautiful rose and the wheelbarrow with flowers is so cute. Enjoy reading and playing with your quilt design.

Sherri said...

best wishes for a quick and easy recovery! You always have the best attitude about everything...I'm sure you will be blessed for that! Your garden photos are truly lovely!

GerryART said...

Happy Thoughts.
One step at a time.
sweet hugs. Kaaren

Jocelyn said...

So glad you are doing well. I hope everything turns out great. Take it easy and enjoy your 10 days :-)

Fee said...

Sending you prayers and big hugs. Love the little squirrel. Hugs - Fee X

Kathleen said...

I have been keeping you in my prayers from when you first mentioned surgery and have continued to....your outside of your house is as lovely as the inside..relax and enjoy reading....

Sue said...

I'm sending prayers for a good outcome for you.
Your garden is looking lovely. The roses will be great when they all flower

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Kaaren, I am praying that you heal quickly and that you get great results!

Your yard looks wonderful! Your hard work is really paying off. My perennials look great but every time I plan to get my annuals, something happens - with my folks or thunderstorms and this week I had my own little blip. Hopefully when I have time again, there will be some left!!

I hope you enjoy some quiet creative time!! Warm hugs!!

By Hoki Quilts said...

I've realised over the years that these blips we keep coming across are Natures way of telling us to slow down and take stock of our lives. There has been so much going on in your life over the last few months that the rest that has been forced upon you I am sure is well earnt.
Good luck for a great outcome, my prayers are still there for you.

Alice I. said...

I thought of you on Wednesday and said an extra prayer for you. I am happy to hear you are home recuperating. One day at a time, Kaaren...I will be sending positive thoughts your way.

ann said...

Praying for you Do what the Doc says

ShirleyC said...

I do pray everything turns out good. I just went through a waiting game myself.

Enjoy watching your garden grow!

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Sending my hugs - your yard is a wonderful site! I can smell the roses from here - and the white lilac too!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Glad to hear your doing ok. Your Rose garden is wonderful! We plant our tomatoes right by the back door for the same reason. And you know what? Mr chipmonk has eaten 4 of our pepper plants already. Geez.

marina said...

Judging by the photos it will be quite scenic while you are relaxing and recuperating. Keep positive, negative thoughts never did anyone any good.
I'm not a praying person but my thoughts are with you.

Lilian Pilar said...

Hola Kaaren, tu jardín esta quedando precioso.
Ahora queda disfrutar como van naciendo, creciendo.
Un gran abrazo, disfrutar de la naturaleza y los procesos de reforma de tu casa.
Mil besitos para ti...

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Fingers crossed that you will have good results.
Your gardens are beautiful! Hope you have better luck with your roses than I did.
Happy Stitching!

Marie said...

Karen I have been thinking of you and praying for you too. I am going through some things and they have no answers as of yet, the wait is not always easy. I had the heart cath done last Tues. and the blockage was not large enough for a stint at this time but still am having alot of pain , just have to slow the body down and I wasn't looking for that as an answer. I pray you will find your answers and they will be fixable and you will be able to enjoy your beautiful home and allthat goes with this time of your life. Many hugs, Marie

KaHolly said...

Along with everyone else, you are in my thoughts! Your property is coming along so nicely! It's surprising how far behind you we are up here in Cape Breton. It's been kind of cold and rainy, but there have been a few nice days here and there. No lupins yet! ~karen

Elzaan said...

Your garden is splendid! So much life in front of you...makes me smile!
Thinking of you and hoping for the best!

Gail said...

Glad your home. Take it easy and enjoy the recuperation. I have good thoughts headed your way that everything will turn out great!

DebbieM said...


You are in my thoughts and prayers. Your gardening endeavors are wonderful. I love the near the house bed, that's a great idea. I, too, have many deer around and they eat everything in site. Enjoy your quilting and take it easy!!

Sandy said...

I have been thinking about you and said many extra prayers and will continue saying them as you continue to recover.So glad that you are resting and taking time to smell the beautiful roses.

barcord said...

Good that you have that bit over. Will be keeping you in my prayers as you go on your onward journey.

mieke said...

I am glad everything went well and do hope for good results.
The garden starts well. You have better soil there than we used to have in Windsor Junction. We had lots of rock to deal with after the winter.
So don't overdo it in the next couple of days and enjoy playing with the sewing machine. Hello to Mr. P.Q.

antique quilter said...

sending you lots of good thoughts and wished and will keep you in my thoughts for a great recovery !
Love that wheelbarrow!
fun fun fun seeing your gardens grow!

D. Leigh said...

Keep those positive thoughts strong and secure! Prayers heading your way! Love the Rose garden! sigh .... so a beautiful sight to behold when all of the roses are blooming.

Elyte said...

Your garden looks so pretty. Stay positive and keep smiling.

Needled Mom said...

I've been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I am sure that the wait is sheer torture.

The gardens are looking so pretty. It is such a nice time of the year and I hope you are able to get back out there soon.

JessicaSews said...

Kaaren, My thoughts and prayers are with you! Truly!!

Lori said...

Your first rose is absolutely lovely!! I adore your new island.
I'm hoping for good news on your test results. Waiting has got to be the hardest part!

Sandi said...

I'm glad to hear your biopsy with off without any problems.

I know the waiting can be hard, but look at the beautiful garden you can meditate in while waiting to heal.

Enjoy your garden and stop to smell the roses

Candace said...

I'm so glad your surgery went well, Kaaren! Watching your lovely garden grow is one of the best medicine's there is - and of course, working on a new design! Next year you're sure to be on the local garden tour!

Bertie said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery Kaaren, it's a long wait for the result and hope the outcome will be positive.
You have done a lot of work in the garden, looks fabulous.

Karen said...

whismI did not expect you to be posting so soon. I hope you get good news.

Oh how I would love to have a lilac bush. They just don't grow this far south. I tried in South Carolina when we lived there and even that was too far south for them.

Stitches said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with you the next few weeks. Your gardens look like they are coming along very nicely, just sit back and enjoy the roses. I hope you can get some good sewing done too. Take care...

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Kaaren, praying for the bestest results on Monday. Love the rose garden, our heat here is destroying everything that once was green. Our compose even caught on fire, you should of seen me running around trying to un-hook garden hoses to put it out. I'll check back on you when we get back.

Karen said...

Very happy the first step went well. You will be in our thoughts now and through the 20th.
Good thoughts.
And thank you for the update...Karencg

Lynn B said...

Hi Kaaren,

This is my first visit to your blog and I am so impressed, your designs are really lovely and your freebies are just awesome, thankyou so much! I hope one day to stitch the no place like home pattern.

I hope you are feeling better.

Kathy H said...

Kaaren, I am saying extra prayers for you. Good thoughts going to you for some good reports.
Your garden looks so pretty. Your home and yard are really coming along so nicely. Rest up.

Shari said...

The garden is coming along nicely. So lovely to enjoy in summer.

I hope you enjoy your forced 'quiet time' as you recuperate. I'm glad to hear you are feeling at peace. As my doctor likes to tell me - worrying is a waste of time and energy as it doesn't affect anything! I'll pray for good news.

julieQ said...

I am hoping for a fast recovery for you! Many hugs, Kaaren!!

edyB said...

So glad you have your garden to enjoy ~ you can plan while you're getting better. We send lots of good thoughts for a "good" report.
Take care!

Patty said...

Hope you're feeling better your gardens are looking beautiful. keeping you in my prayers.