Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kits for sale!

It's been a very eventful week both indoors and out.

We survived a major storm on Wednesday which, had it been summer, would have been categorized as a tropical storm or category one hurricane.  I have never heard winds howl like that since we lived in Florida and I don't wish to any time soon again.  There were times during the storm when we couldn't see the driveway in front of our house because of the blowing snow and white out conditions.  

Today it's bright and sunny out there with temperatures in the 50's.  If it continues like this, all the snow should be gone by the end of the coming week.

What a winter this has been!

Storm or no storm, nothing keeps me from staying busy.  I'm still plugging away on my wool crazy purse and I also managed to sneak in some piecing time.  
I spent the better part of Thursday and Friday morning cutting out and piecing together a quilt top which I can't show you just yet because it's a surprise gift for a friend who reads my blog.  As soon as she receives it, I'll tell you more about it.
And now for the news that some of you have been waiting for.  
Once again, you asked and I'm delivering! *wink*
I just listed 6 kits for sale in my Etsy shop for my Pins & Needles Huswif needle keep.
Each kit includes all the 100% hand dyed wool and quality cotton fabrics needed to make the needle keep. The instructional pattern is included as well. So if you wanted to make one but didn't have the required materials on hand, now's the time to order one because quantities are limited.
Click HERE for the direct link to my Etsy shop.
And as always, thanks for stopping by.

Happy stitching!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Relaxing and stitching...

It doesn't get any better than that, does it?

I just love this "me time" when I feel like I can just sit and stitch aimlessly and be creative at the same time.

I'm making great progress on my autumn-themed, wool crazy purse.

The first stage is done.
All the elements are blanket stitched into place using Valdani threads. And if you take a closer look, you can see that I've started my favorite part...the embellishing!
When I start the embellishing, I really have no plan in mind.  My goal is to fill in as much of the negative space as possible with whatever strikes my fancy at the time. 

So far I've added a tendril to the pumpkin stem, some bumble bees, a spider web...the spider will pay a visit later...and what is destined to become a flowering shrub.  The flowers will blossom forth with the addition of glass beads.

The only rule when making anything in the "crazy quilt" style is that there are NO RULES. Anything goes!  Being a flower child of the 60's, that works for me!

I wonder how many other things I can add today?

Happy stitching!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'm still here!

I've been pretty quiet here but things have been smoking in my sewing studio. 

I reached the goal I set for myself and on Friday morning, sewed the last stitch into the quilt that I designed for the Primitive Quilts & Projects magazine. This afternoon I'll be piecing the backing fabric then pack it all up to be ready to send off tomorrow to my friend Alice who will be doing the quilting. 

Sorry, no sneak peeks on this one because we want it to be a surprise.  Can you tell I'm excited?

Whenever I finish a project...especially one I've designed myself...I feel like I've emptied the proverbial tank.  

When I was earning my living as an artist, the same thing would happen when I finished painting something that I designed.  Nothing that I've ever designed ends up as the way I initially planned it out on paper.  I constantly change things up as I'm working through it and as a result, the thinking process never stops from start to finish.  Not until the last brush stroke is taken or the last stitch is sewn do I feel like I can relax...and by that time, I'm D-O-N-E!

But having said that, my mind never seems to shut down and the ideas just keep on coming.  

I finished the flimsy on Friday and yesterday morning, a group of friends got together at A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop to sew as our way of celebrating International Quilt Day.  

Well you all know how much I love handwork and working with wool.   

For quite a while now I've had this idea that I'd like to make a purse in the "wool crazy" style. So instead of lugging my machine to Darlene's shop to work on my ENDLESS French braid borders that I still haven't finished for my one and only UFO, I packed up my wool scraps bin...
a little piece of batting to use for the foundation...
and off I went.

While there, I managed to come up with a design and finished laying out the front.
It's going to be a fall-themed purse and last night I sketched and finalized the elements that will appear on the front.

I'm going to take my time and enjoy this little respite because as soon as I finish this project, I'll be starting to work on my next quilt design that's waiting patiently in the wings for me to bring it to life.

Life is sooooooo, so GOOD!

Happy stitching!

Friday, March 7, 2014

First Friday Freebie #37

It's the First Friday of March.  Bring on spring!!!

Doesn't it seem like this winter just doesn't want to end?  Whoever is praying for snow, please STOP!  *wink*

I'm hoping that this quarter's First Friday Freebie will help to chase those winter blues away.  I made mine with bright spring colors but of course you can make yours with the colors and fabric of your choice.

Here is my Wool Crazy Spring Pincushion.

Mine is made entirely from wool but you can also make it from a combination of wool-on-cotton or from just cotton using either machine or hand applique.

To download the PDF file which includes the instructions, line drawings and photo, please click HERE.

And if you'd like to purchase my original sample rather than make your own, I have listed it for sale in my Etsy shop HERE.

EDIT:  Sorry, it's SOLD!

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lots going on!

You can tell that there's a lot going on in my sewing studio because it's gone from this...
to this.  Yikes!
Usually things are clean, neat and tidy but not at the moment as you can see.

The project that I'm working on for the Fall 2014 issue of Primitive Quilts & Projects magazine is coming together beautifully and right on schedule. I'm hoping to have the flimsy finished by Friday after which time it'll be sent off to my friend Alice for quilting. 

Yup, it's a quilt but that's all I'm telling. You'll just have to wait till the Fall to see it!
You all are keeping me very busy!  As per your numerous requests, I've complied and have made a pattern for my other needle keep which is now available for purchase in my Etsy shop HERE

My collection of needle keeps just keeps on growing so it's only fair that you keep up to me with my obsession...right?  *wink*

Here's the outside...
and the inside.

The pattern for "Pins & Needles Huswif" includes clear and detailed instructions, full size line drawings and 4 color photos for easy visual reference.

Don't forget that this Friday, March 7th, is not only our 33rd wedding anniversary...whew!... but it's also the First Friday of the month when I'll be releasing this quarter's First Friday Freebie.

We'll see you then! 

Happy stitching!