Friday, February 26, 2010

Progress Report and Surprise Gifts

I’m making progress…slowly but surely.

The needle case pictured below is my goal…


My journey began two days ago.  I spent the first evening prepping the linen by basting a running stitch down the entire length of the linen to mark the center line.  I also had to do this in several places across the width of the fabric not only to indicate where the fold for the pockets will go but also to separate the four individual designs.


For me, this is quite an ambitious project because I only started x-stitching last Fall and only completed three relative easy projects.  This is also my first attempt at using linen which takes a while for one’s eyes to get accustomed to simply because linen is a natural fibre and the weave is somewhat irregular.


So after two days, here’s what I’ve managed to accomplish.  I’m about two thirds through the first of four of the stitched designs.


I’m absolutely thrilled at not only how it’s starting to take shape but simply because I’m able to do it.  I did have to un-stitch a couple of rows two or three times on my first day but now that I’ve figured out exactly where to place my needle and how to count the threads in the weave, my second day went without a hitch.  Woo hoo.  And did you notice the gorgeous strawberry scissor fob?  That was one of my Christmas presents from Stina.   Of course it makes my scissors magical!


If you recall on Tuesday when I went to the post office, I received three parcels.  One was my long awaited stitching supplies and the other two were from Australia.

Last March just two months into my blogging career, I signed up for a PIF or Pay It Forward that Khris had talked about on her blog.  One of the packages was from Khris with my PIF gift enclosed.


Isn’t she the cutest raggedy?  I told Khris in my email to thank her that she fits right in with my other raggedies but that she’s having a difficult time making herself understood because of her Aussie accent.  *wink*  Thanks again, Khris.


The third parcel was from my friend Julie.


Julie and I like to surprise each other from time to time with little gifts and this time I was very surprised.  I knew that she was sending me some rusty bells, rusty pins and gold lobster claws for the scissor fobs that I make but she also included an Australia tote bag and this beauty...


Awesome, huh?  A pincushion made from wool and stitched by Julie.  Be still my heart!  Two of my favorite things rolled into one…wool and a pincushion.  Thanks again,  Sipsy.


This morning when I was trying to update my blog list, the entire list disappeared from my sidebar.  I even tried to “clear edits” but nothing seemed to work.  In full panic mode, I tried to jump start this old brain into trying to recall everyone who was on the list and started writing down names as they popped into my head.  I’m sure that I’ve not remembered all of you but as a precautionary measure,  I’ve learned to make a separate hardcopy just in case this happens again.


I’m looking forward to this afternoon when the United States plays Finland and  then tonight when Canada takes on Slovakia in Olympic hockey when I can take up my stitching once again.  I confess…I’m nuts about hockey!

Happy stitching!

Kaaren ♥


Darlene said...

Oh my goodness, be still my heart - your x-stitch project is delightful. It fills my heart with joy at the bliss you are experiencing with the project. X-stitch was my first love for over 20 years and will always have a special place in my heart. Stitch like the wind, my friend.

And, look at all your delightful goodies - blessings!

Stina Blomgren said...

I say the same.. be still my heart..:o)
Lots and lots of wonderful things happen at your place.. both the x-stitch and the Gifts... love everything..:o)
Glad the scissor became magical.. might have to make one for myself too.. need some magic here too..:o)

Susan said...

Such lovely gifts you received. During winter we need a pick me up like that.

Your cross stitch is going to be lovely.

My darling daughter gave me a magnetic pin keep just like yours with the peacock.

Karen said...

I had my list disappear one time. It then re-appeared later on. I don't know why or how.
I give. I am going to order the Blackbird Designs book. You are just tempting me so much.

I have been using one of those magnifiers on a cord around the neck and it leans against your chest. It helps me in seeing where I need to stitch on the linen. I can read fine without glasses but cannot see well on the linen. I keep forgetting to buy a pair of the inexpensive magnifier glasses to see if that makes a difference.

Monica said...

I love how the cross stitch is coming loving the colors. And that little doll? It's too cute for words.

LadyV said...

You are doing a fabulous job with your x-stitch. I have many hobbies but I never leave my love for cross-stitch to far behind.

Your gifts are just lovely!

Peg said...

Well done you for being brave enough to stitch on linen after only a short experience. Many a well seasoned stitcher would be reluctant :o) I love linen and the result you get for the older samplers. Your stitching is beautiful and congratulations on your lovely gifts. May I ask you which book the project comes from please I know I don't have that one and would love to buy it. Have looked on several 'shop' sites but can't find it without the name.
I look forward to popping back in to see our progress.

Peg x

Pat said...

You are coming right along there Kaaren. It's looking good. You received some lovely gifts too. Love that Raggedy. I am a "hockey nut" too. I will be watching and stitching at three this afternoon right along with you. Of coruse, I will be cheering for the USA!!

Michelle said...

That's going to be so pretty when you're done! You'll get used to the linen and wonder why it ever seemed like such a challenge -- at least that's how it worked for me.

Rumi said...

Your cross stitch is looking lovely so far. Great goodies in the mail for you too!

Sharon said...

This is going to be such a treasure when you get it all together. I hope you are keeping this for yourself! I too, am a huge hockey fan. I told them at work the Olympics was really just a big old hockey tournament and the skiing and skating was just "filler"! They don't have the fever like I do! ;-)

GerryART said...

Kaaren, your needlework is going to be a genuine treasure.
Love your fob.
Inspite of her accent your new raggedy will get along just fine, what with that wide, wide smile.


Villa-loredana said...

Hello dear Kareen, thanks for visiting me, and comment. Nice stitching, I must admit that the xxx stitching is the favorite on the list of the neeldwork. Next week I will put my new xxx work, a table towel.
A big kiss from from old Europe.

Rita said...

I love to x-stitch on linen. Once you get used to it, you'll never use anything else. It has a very antique look to it. I stitch all my samplers on linen.

Deb said...

Well, right now the US is beating Finland 6-Zip in the first period!

I think that you're going to get accustomed to that linen awfully quick. You're making great progress so far. Glad that you only had to take out some stitches the first day, but even us seasoned linen stitchers make boo-boos (me, I do it all the time!)

Wonderful things you received in the mail. It's always a good day when the postman comes bearing gifts!

Carrie P. said...

Your cross stitch is coming along nicely. It does take time.
Great gifts you got in the surprise parcels.
I wondered how that happened with your blog list.I have so many I don't know if I would ever remember them all.

Maggey and Jim said...

OH, lucky you.. I love everything.

Cathi said...

Your cross-stitch looks fabulous! I love the threads you're using!!
Lovely gifts you got -- really really lovely!

-girl from the bush said...

hi kaaren, I'm not a x-stitcher fan but yourslooks wonderful! love the raggeity doll, so cute! I made my blog list dissappear one day too! I was in a hurry and hit the remove button.! took me quite a while to remeber who was on it and saw one on someone elses blog that triggered my memory. love the pincushion too, I am in a pincshion swap at the moment so that should be fun! sue

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I cannot wait to see that all finished! What a gorgeous project. Linen can be challengin but if anyone can handle that challenge it is you my friend. I know it will be wonderful and a tresured keepsake when you are done.

BTW, I love the header!!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh your cross stitch is coming along, so beautiful!
And raggedy! How cute is she!
also your surprise from Julie, she does beautiful work, how special.

Sorry you had bad luck with your blog!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh that needle case is going to be to die for! And your gifts are sooo cute!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Kaaren, I don't know how you see the fine fibers of the linen. Looks wonderful so far and can't wait to see it finished. I use to cross stitch all the time and was always in a hurry to start a new project. Now needle punch projects are bought and waiting to get started.
That happened to me so I made a total different blog for my list, if it disapeared I'ld be in trouble.
Love your raggedy doll. Tell her to give her friends some time and they will understand her. LOL
Keep Stitchen'

Julie said...

oh my! i am so in love with your x stitch already! it's going to be such a treasure when it's finished. keep enjoying it, and keep showing progress shots. i just adore it!

Janet said...

How exciting to see the design come alive, I remember doing cross stich and not wanting to put it down. The colours are really soft. Fabulous goodies, the raggedy is very cute!

Linda said...

Hi Kaaren. Oh what patience you have. Your x-stitch is coming along wonderfully. Do you know of a tutorial on starting and stopping embroidery stiches so that there are no knots on the back? Love to hear from you.
Don't get too snowed in. lol

Sherri said...

You are progressing wonderfully! Fun mail too!

Marie said...

My x-stitching is worse than my embroidery. Must be nice to do those 'fine motor' skills. I think my fingers are too big (or too clumsy.)

Anonymous said...

I love stitching on Linen. Hope you do too. I use a pair of magnifying glasses that clip on to my regular glasses. They come in different strenghts. If you don't wear glasses many others use the "cheap" reading glasses that you can get anywhere, they also come in different strenghts. Take you stitching with you to find the correct pair you need. Hope this helps.
Your piece will be beautiful I am sure.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your cross stitching is turning out beautiful on the linen Kaaren!
Love your gifties - especially the raggedy! oh and the wool pincushion!

Donnelly said...

Cross-stitching on linen is so different from regular cross-stitch fabric. I love linen! Your design is gorgeous!

Pieced Pastimes said...

Kaaren - Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Your cross stitch project is coming along nicely and it is going to be a real beauty when done. It looks like you received some wonderful things in the mail. Take Care.

Heidi said...

Oh Kaaren, I just love your latest project. You are really moving on stitching. But that does not surprise me. It will be beautiful when it is finished as all your work is. How fun to receive such delights in the mail.

Hugs from Holland ~

Anonymous said...

I like your needlecase. You recieved beautifull gifts

Allie said...

Your x-stitch is coming along beautifully. What wonderful gifts you received, love that doll!

Joanne said...

I am a long time counted cross stitcher and your project IS challenging but you are doing GREAT! Your design, colors and the linen .... well, I cannot think of sufficient words to express how wonderful it looks. You will fall in love with the end result using linen and forever just want linen. You go girl !
P.S. I am a new blogger so if this shows up with "do not reply" it is a mistake. I have reset my site and I am hoping I did it right this time

Siobhán said...

What beautiful gifties from your friends! And WOW! Kaaren, you're making wonderful progress. You can go wrong with Blackbird Designs... they do such gorgeous stuff. I'm glad you're finding your rhythm and enjoying XSing!

Diane H said...

Dear Mac, Well this is not so bad if we get to make friends too! But I must say she's really been
preoccupied lately - to much time on the computer not enough walkies!
Drop by anytime for a biscuit. Your new buddies,
Jake and Marcie

Jantine said...

These variegated threads do make stitching so beautiful! Your stitching looks promising!
The presents you received are to be cherished, they are both very nice.

Khris said...

Big Head Annie needs to be hung up so she can give those other gals a talking too...LOL....glad she finally got there...hugs Khris