Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Few Things to Share...

First, I'd like to share with you all the best ever, early Christmas present that I've ever received.

Two and a half months ago, the results from the second follow up CT scan were not the greatest.  Without going into the sordid details, there was some increased activity in the lymph nodes in and around the area where I received my radiation treatments.  Not a good sign.  After consulting with the radiation oncologists, my oncologist decided that a PET scan was not the answer but instead would bump up the next scheduled CT scan to two and a half months instead of the usual six months and depending on the results, would decide upon which course to take at that time.

Needless to say, both Mr. Painted Quilt and myself have been a little down in the dumps lately with a lot on our minds.  I had the CT scan last Wednesday and met with my oncologist yesterday for the results.  


The lymph nodes had returned to their normal size which means that the activity was NOT cancer-related. It was explained to me that if it was, they would have either stayed the same or increased in size.  So I've been given a clean bill of health and my next CT scan will be six months from now...the normal time allowed for follow up with most cancer patients.

Now how's that for an early Christmas present?  It's the best one ever and Merry Christmas to me!

Now, I'd like to share with you something that we made at the first anniversary party of the Fundy Tide Quilting Guild last month.  

Our very own sunflower pincushion!  

We had an awesome time at the party and Gail, one of the guild members, prepped enough kits for each of the members in attendance to make their own.

How would you like to make your own version of this too cool and very useful sunflower pincushion?

They are easy-peasy to make and take very little time.  Just follow along and I'll walk you through it, step-by-step.

First, gather together all the supplies.  

You'll need three colors of for the leaves, yellow for the petals and brown for the center.

A 4" clay saucer, the kind that sits under a flower pot.  I bought mine at the Dollar Store and they were 3 for $1.

Heavy duty thread, like hand quilting thread.

A compass, scissors and a hot glue gun.  You'll also need some polyester fiberfil stuffing for the center.

So without further ado, lets get started.

Using your compass and either a piece of plastic or cardboard, trace then cut out a 5 1/2" circle and a 7" circle.  The 5 1/2" circle will be the template for the petals and leaves and the 7" circle will be the template for the center.

On the reverse side of the fabric using the 5 1/2" template, trace then cut out three circles from the green fabric for the leaves and seven circles from the yellow fabric for the petals.

Then cut one circle from the brown fabric using the 7" template for the center.

For each of the green leaves and yellow petals, fold the fabric in half and press.

Then fold the fabric in half once again and press.

Repeat for the yellow petals.

You'll then have 3 green folded leaves, 7 yellow folded petals and a flat brown center.

With doubled thread, chain stitch each of the three petals about 1/4" down from the raw edge. 

Gather then fasten off.

Hot glue the leaves to the inside of the clay dish.  Try to space them evenly.

Repeat this step for the petals only this time...

do not break the thread between petals but continue with each of the remaining petals to form a continuous circle, then fasten off.

Hot glue the petals to the inside of the clay dish, distributing them evenly.

With the brown circle, sew a running stitch around the entire perimeter about 1/4" in from the raw edge.  Leave enough thread at either end to use for gathering the circle.

Gather then stuff with polyester fiberfil.  Tie the two ends of the thread together to fasten off.

Hot glue to the center of the clay dish and voila!  Your very own sunflower pincushion!

Or two...

Or three!  

It's just as easy to make two or three at the same time while you're at it.

If you need a quick gift for one of your sewing friends, these would be perfect.

Or how about a hostess gift during the holidays? 

They look much more complicated than they actually are and everyone will be asking how you made them.

If you'd like to win one, just let me know in your comment and I will ship internationally.  

Please ensure that your settings include your email address and that you are NOT set as a "no reply" blogger.  If I cannot reach you by email then you will automatically be excluded from the draw.

I will draw two winners on Saturday, December 15th.



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Katie said...

Fabulous news and a fabulous tutorial. Congratulations! And thanks! :-)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Aren't those adorable!

So glad to hear that things went well at the Dr. Best news to get especially at Christmas.

Jantine said...

I am late to catch up but very happy to hear about the all clear CT scan!

cinmfoster said...

Thanks so very much for posting this tutorial. I'm going to make them for my sister and niece. We go to Quilt Camp together every year and this is perfect for them. Thanks again.
Cindy F

Suze said...

I just found your blog. Congrats on your clean bill of health. What a glorious Christmas present. He is still in the miracle business! I am a cancer survivor. After many years I had an alarm in October and everything was fine. I was more nervous than when I was actually diagnosed with cancer. When I saw my doctor way back when I knew from his reaction that it was cancer. This time I didn't and the waiting was pure agony. I was going through a very difficult time in my personal life and that didn't help. Thank you for sharing so others know that there are still trials and good news. Also, thanks for sharing the cute pincushion pattern.

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