Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kits for sale!

It's been a very eventful week both indoors and out.

We survived a major storm on Wednesday which, had it been summer, would have been categorized as a tropical storm or category one hurricane.  I have never heard winds howl like that since we lived in Florida and I don't wish to any time soon again.  There were times during the storm when we couldn't see the driveway in front of our house because of the blowing snow and white out conditions.  

Today it's bright and sunny out there with temperatures in the 50's.  If it continues like this, all the snow should be gone by the end of the coming week.

What a winter this has been!

Storm or no storm, nothing keeps me from staying busy.  I'm still plugging away on my wool crazy purse and I also managed to sneak in some piecing time.  
I spent the better part of Thursday and Friday morning cutting out and piecing together a quilt top which I can't show you just yet because it's a surprise gift for a friend who reads my blog.  As soon as she receives it, I'll tell you more about it.
And now for the news that some of you have been waiting for.  
Once again, you asked and I'm delivering! *wink*
I just listed 6 kits for sale in my Etsy shop for my Pins & Needles Huswif needle keep.
Each kit includes all the 100% hand dyed wool and quality cotton fabrics needed to make the needle keep. The instructional pattern is included as well. So if you wanted to make one but didn't have the required materials on hand, now's the time to order one because quantities are limited.
Click HERE for the direct link to my Etsy shop.
And as always, thanks for stopping by.

Happy stitching!


Lesley said...

Nice to see that wool crazy bag taking shape. Great idea to put kits together...I'm sure they will sell out quickly. Isn't it great that you have a balmy day there. I can hear the snow melt from here! Your needle keeps are perfect to welcome Spring!

Janet O. said...

Oh, my! The details you have put into your crazy wool purse are amazing!!

Sandi said...

I was wondering how you weathered the snowstorm and glad to hear you did alright. You wool purse is looking great. Is this an original design for the purse itself? I'm wondering how it will all come together.

Hopefully warmer weather is on the way to you.

Candace said...

Wow - that must have been some storm, Kaaren! Being stranger than most, I think it would have been fun to be sitting in your house next to the fire with the boys and listening to the wind! Perfect stitching weather - and your bag is really coming along nicely!

Pam in IL said...

The wool crazy purse is looking great! It sure has been a long, harsh winter. We had snow last week and more predicted this week.

Jeanna said...

LOVE the bag Kaaren! It is going to be a collector's pretty.

The kits are exciting!

Hope your spring continues to grow and the weird weather ends soon.