Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's snowing!

It just started snowing which means the predicted storm has arrived. Time to hunker down and plan my sewing day.

Last night I made a list of what I'd like to accomplish before Christmas.  I find that I work much "smarter" when I can see my goals in writing.  I LOVE striking them off the list one-by-one as each gets done.  Hopefully I can stick to it without too many distractions.
  1. Wrap Christmas gifts for my sewing buddies to exchange at our Wednesday night Christmas dinner.
  2. Wrap secret pal gift and put it in the mail on Monday...or Tuesday, depending on how much snow falls.
  3. Cut out and piece blocks for my new quilt design.
  4. Continue piecing French braid borders for Darlene's mystery quilt.
  5. Finish sewing the binding on my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.
Do-able, don't you think?

I started cutting and hand piecing the hexie flowers about four years ago using the English paper piecing method.

Because of the HUGE amount of hand work involved, I knew when I started that it would be a long WIP (Work In Progress) so I didn't agonize about the fact that I had a lingering UFO (Un-Finished Object). For those of you that know me, I'm obsessed about NOT finishing what I start, so this long term project was really a stretch for me.

When we moved to Nova Scotia three years ago and subsequently found out that I had cancer, I put it away and had forgotten all about it until one day early last Spring I found it "hiding" in an antique basket in the dormer storage area in my sewing studio. I was smitten once again and made a promise to myself to have it finished by the end of this past Summer.

Just last week it was returned to me by my friend and professional longarm quilter, Alice.  I am never disappointed with Alice's amazing free motion quilting skills.  Thanks again for another great job, my friend! 

Here is my version of the traditional, timeless and ever-so-popular Grandmother's Flower Garden, quilted and bound! I love it!

The quilt is made from 100% cotton, 1930's feedsack reproduction fabrics and measures 83" x 66"...and it's for sale in my Etsy shop which you can link to HERE.

Oh, and by the way, it's snowing!  My dreams for a white Christmas have been realized!

Happy stitching!


Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Kaaren... That 's a Beautiful Quilt!We have snow here as well. It looks so nice and sure "cleans " everything up. Have yourself a Very Merry Christmas Kaaren and enjoy the time with Family & Friends.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Kaaren,

Love the quilt and the quilting is wonderful.

It is still snowing here, but because we are farther north than London, ON we did not get the major storm.

Glad to see you back blogging more. I always look forward to your news.

Merry Christmas to you all.


KaHolly said...

Hardly seems possible that you it has been 3 years since you moved to NS! Your GFG is beautiful. I, too, have a bag full that will someday be finished. Someday! Stay warm and safe. Enjoy the beautiful blanket of fresh snow!!Good luck crossing things off of your list.

sunny said...

Great list. And what a great quilt. Mine is still a WIP, and I had hoped to finish it this year, but it will go back on the list for next year. I love the borders you added. Stay cozy and keep on stitching.

Michelle said... is beautiful. I still cannot believe it has been 3 years since you moved to Nova Scotia. Time is flying by.

Would love to have snow for Christmas but for the Pacific NW, that will most likely NOT happen.

gracie said...

It is magnificent.....

Lori said...

Congratulations on finishing your gorgeous quilt!!
Enjoy the snow!

marina said...

your quilt looks breathtaking!!
what a great job both the sewing and the quilting.
Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New year.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I am also a list maker. The quilt is beautiful!

Unknown said...

Dear Kaaren, the quilt is perfect. I hope to find some time to quilt in the next weeks.
We have to wait for snow, a white Christmas remains a dream. The weather forecast says it will be to warm for the season.

Have a very Merry Christmas.


PS: Please excuse my bad english

Candace said...

A finish to be so proud of, Kaaren! I'm with you - a long term project is the same thing as a UFO, but well worth the time and effort! Someone will have an heirloom to last many lifetimes. Happy White Christmas!

Linda said...

Kaaren, so sweet that you posted on my blog. I have kept up with your even though I have been posting. I feel a special bond with my sister cancer survivors!
Your quilt is beautiful.

Heartsdesire said...

Your quilt looks absolutely fabulous, Kaaren, and I'm sure you're feeling quite proud for getting it done before Christmas. We've no snow here on the west coast, just a slight smattering last week. It's always a pain when it does snow here. Most people don't have snow tires, and they really don't know how to drive in snow. So when it does come down, it can become a bit hazardous. Unfortunately, I doubt we'll have a white Christmas.

Pam in IL said...

WOW! It's absolutely beautiful!

Enjoy your snow. We've just had 8 inches added to our 5 inches from the day before. I'm hoping it all disappears Jan 2 and we head right into spring.

Hope you are enjoying this Christmas season!

Ronda said...

beautiful quilt!!! hope you have a great time snowed in and stitching!

colleen said...

Kaaren, your quilt is breath taking ..... and looks just like Spring
I had to reread about your having it up for sale in your este shop, I have given away some of my projects but well never thought of selling of course my works fall way short in both quality and design.
On the left coast

Janet O. said...

Oh, it is radiant! How could you not smile when looking at this?
Enjoy your white Christmas, Kaaren!

margaret said...

a wonderful flower garden.Trust you work through your list in time for Xmas. Lucky here in Leeds we so far are enjoying a mild winter

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is just so cheerful! Keep toasty!

InGa said...

Wonderful quilt with hexagons.
I love the way you used the borders to complete it. Beautiful quilting.
Wish you a happy Xmas time.
Regards from Skåne ( without any snow)

Carin said...

I also love to make a list with things that have to be done ;-)
No snow overhere (gosh I love snow).

The quilt is amazing, love those colors.
Last year I bought fabric for the Raggedy & Friends quilt but still haven't started yet. So that is one of the first things on my list ... starting in the next few days with that quilt because I so much love the design.

Merry Christmas !

Beverley said...

What a beautiful quilt Kaaren. Well done. Happy Christmas to you. Bev in Britain.

KatieQ said...

We had snow all day Saturday and again yesterday here in NY. There are predictions of 40 degree temperatures over the weekend so we might not have a white Christmas after all.
The quilt is beautiful. It's amazing to think of all of the tiny stitches that went into it. The quilting sets it off perfectly.

Jeanna said...

I love your flower garden quilt Kaaren. The fabrics are so HAPPY!

I work best when I have a keeps me working in somewhat of an organized fashion.

Enjoy your snow...from the INSIDE :)

Merilyn said...

This is an absolutely gorgeous quilt, well done on getting it completed!!!! The quilting really enhances it so well, just beautiful!!!!!!

Oneoldgoat1962 said...

That quilt is just gorgeous Kaaren! Making a GFG is on my list to do :) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Beth - oneoldgoat