Saturday, July 28, 2012

BOM progress and Mac vs PC

Today is the day when all of us who are participating in the Comfort & Joy BOM quilt along post our versions of Block 4. 

Here is mine done in wool, cotton and a lot of different homespuns.


I have finally caught up with the other gals and if you’d like to have a look at their progress, just click on the names that follow…Anne, Karen B, Karen P, Sharon, Kim, Diane.

My first three completed blocks can be viewed HERE.

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The girls are quickly becoming ladies with each passing day. 

They spend a couple of hours outside of their coop every day and thankfully, don’t wander too far from their home.  When they’ve had enough, they just go back inside on their own.


I found out recently that they are Golden Comets and will become very prolific layers in another couple of months.  Being our “Golden Girls”, we’ve named them Betty, Bea, Rue and Estelle…get it?  *wink*

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And now, I’d like to ask for your assistance.

In the next week or so, I’m going to be purchasing a new laptop and at Mr. Painted Quilt’s behest, I’ve been contemplating and researching a Mac.  If you have any comments or opinions, whether pro or con…Mac or PC…I’d love to hear from you.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Only four more days until Ollie comes home!




  1. Hi Kaaren.
    I have a Mac Book Pro and I just love it. I'd never go back to PC again.
    That will be nice to have your new member of the family home.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Ollie is such a cute little dog, love his name and even more his looks! Have fun taking him home with you so soon now!

  3. Good Morning Kaaren, I have a MacBook Air and hope I never have to go back to a PC. It was a little different in the beginning, but well worth the having to learn a few new ways of doing things.

    Can't wait to see pictures of Ollie when he come home. Have a great weekend.

  4. No opinions on computers...I just like computers that work. But I do have an opinion on your Comfort and Joy...warm, cozy, beautiful. And I think Ollie would love his own little quilt too. :o) LOVE the girls names. That was one of my favorite programs.

  5. Love the 'girls'. I switched over to a Macbook Pro last year and got to say that I am so glad I did. They are a lot more expensive, but I think well worth it. Can't wait to hear about your new adventures with Ollie!

  6. Oh, Kaaren, I just love your Santa block...and how could I not? He is adorable! Yes, I get the reference to The Golden Girls...must be an age thing...giggle! As to Macs or PCs, I have a Mac iPad and a PC Stephanie says, as long as they work! Daughter has a MacBook and swears by it! Enjoy your new purchase...always fun to get a new toy!

  7. Hope your girls welcome Ollie and that they don't give him a hard time.
    I am a Mac convert - iphone, ipad and Mac. They all synchronise beautifully and are very user friendly.
    Very portable too.

  8. I love what you've named your girls! We used to watch that show all the time! :0)

  9. Good Morning!
    Does this mean you didn't go on that quilt trip that we talked about? Wasn't it for this week or here abouts?
    I'd take Ollie over a quilt shop anyday! LOL
    Is Frankie ready is the question!!

  10. Good luck with your new purchase of a new computer, I can't help on your question regarding the mac...but people who have them, love them!

    The girls are delightful and so are their names!

    Just a few more days for "Ollie" what a joy!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  11. Morning Friend,
    Oh my the day is so close. JOY!
    Ollie will be home. What a spoiled boy he will be.
    Love your Golden Girls.Just perfect names. I am also thinking of getting a Mac after a bill is paid offjavascript:void(0).
    So I too would love to hear if you do.
    Hugs & JOY

  12. Love your names for the girls!

    I went to a MacBook Pro a few years ago. It's blazing fast and I don't worry about virus's or such. The change over was harder than I thought it would be - things aren't called the same thing. I finally gave myself permission to just learn one thing a day and things went better after that. I 'm still learning. They are quite a bit more expensive but I love the way my phone syncs up. When I bought it, I decided I was going to use it's features. So I'm using safari and I love it. IPhoto is wonderful. There is also a feature where I can have mail from every email account come to one spot - I love that. I didn't buy a program to run windows because that just seemed to not be the point. From a cost perspective, I don't use it to the point where I'm getting a good value for the increased cost. On the other hand, it's been 3 years and it's still just as fast and the technology isn't outdated at all. Maybe in the long run, it will be more cost effective!

  13. I bought Mac in the winter, and love it! My daughter is a graphic designer and she thinks Mac is the only way to go. It does have a bit of a learning curve, but it's all worth it in the end! Love the names for the girls, very appropriate!

  14. Love your block , so country . I know you must be so excited to bring Ollie home , he is so adorable.

  15. I have a Mac and I LOVE it. Go for it!!!!

  16. I'm on my second Mac and love it. Don't want to go back to PC. Biggest drawback - EQ not available for Mac, and apparently they have no plans to ever make a Mac version. Yes, you can buy windows software for Mac, but I've never done that.

  17. We are a Mac family...all have Mac laptops and also a Mac desktop! Love them!

  18. We are Mac people. My husband has a Mac BookAir and he loves it. Mac's are much much much easier to use than PC's. The laptop's are thinner and lighter and easy to use. As Elyte said if you have any other Mac devices such as iPhone or iPad they are sync with each other beautifully. I highly recommend you get a Mac Laptop, I promise you will love it and not regret it.

  19. Love the quilt progress and patiently waiting for Ollie to get to your home!

    I have a 5 yr old iMac that has never had a problem. I converted my dh into a Mac person too and now he loves his 1 yr old mac Book pro.

    On the flip side... out HP tower was shipped with a bad mother board (took 3 months of fedexing the unit back to hp a couple times along with numerous hours (and countries) of tech support).... and our compaq laptop overheated and junked itself after only 2 yrs.

    So. From my experience there is no question... buy Mac.

  20. We purchased a Mac last year and love it! Did not find it difficult to learn, iTunes and i photo are great.

    The girls are coming into their own, can't wait until they start becoming egg producers. Is their a mister in their future?

    Just a few more days until Ollie--so exciting!

  21. I love my mac, have always used them and get totally confused when I use a pc, lol. For a pc, I have a Dell, since i need it for certain programs and my sewing machine. You can use a mac, but I wanted something I could keep just for those items. I use my mac for every day and graphics, you cannot beat the graphics and working with photoshop. The new macs are more like PC's in some ways, so you would have no problem adjusting to a mac. I love the browser, simple and fast and the mail box is my favorite feature. You set it up to deliver mail and it comes right to you, you don't have to go online to get your mail.


  22. My husband bought me a Mac last year and I converted everything over. Some programs are different, but once you get going, it's great! You don't get the junk mail you used to get and you don't get viruses. I'd say Mac!

  23. We have always had a PC.....but my husband said he will only get a Mac Book Air....he said it is easier to use and it is the lightest weight lap top...he is tired of lugging a heavy lap top around....

    Love the puppy and the name.....

  24. Oh, I can't wait for loads of Ollie pictures. I hope you're planning to get a smaller water bowl for him? and is his 'welcome home' quilt finished yet? I've always used Dell laptops, so can't really compare to a Mac. no problems with mine.

  25. Only four more days? How exciting. I can't wait for pictures.

    I love your newest block with the homespuns. It looks wonderful.

    I use the HP laptop and am pleased with mine.

    Your names for the girls are perfect!!!

  26. I love that cute Santa block!
    We are a Mac family--have been for about 15 years. We have a desktop Mac, sons have iphones and Macbook Pros, DH has an ipod Touch.
    Basically, Windows is the PC world's attempt to make an operating system that is as user friendly as Mac's built-in system. I love iphoto and itunes! The mail program mentioned by someone else is so handy!
    It is true, you can't get EQ for Mac, but I am fine with that.
    So exciting that Ollie will be coming home so soon! : )

  27. What a wonderful quilt this is going to be. Cute designs, cute fabric, and it looks like you'll have it finished by Christmas. I use a MacBook and couldn't be happier with it. My husband, on the other hand, uses a PC and is always complaining about something. He's been a PC person forever, but is now thinking of changing to a Mac, and judging from the comments, most people seem to prefer the Mac. Certainly they are more expensive, but the ease of use and all of the options, I think, outweigh the cost. My son and his wife are graphic designers and operate a business from their home. They wouldn't think of using anything else but a Mac. The girls are looking quite grownup now, especially since they have such elegant names. I hope they give you as much entertainment as their namesakes.

  28. Kaaren - Your Santa block is darling!! I went and looked at your other three blocks and they are all so cute!! Can't wait for Ollie to come home!! He is going to be sooooooo much fun!! And with regard to computers, I converted to a Mac after taking some college computer classes. Plus, it is well worth the extra money to get the large screen!! Let us know what you get!!

  29. Can't wait to see Ollie's coming home pictures!
    I switched from PC to Mac five years ago and would never, ever, ever go back to a PC. The Mail, Safari and iPhoto apps are all fabulous - and now, with the new O/S, Mountain Lion, the integration between devices -- Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc. -- is seamless and wonderful!

  30. Wow, Kaaren, that is very interesting to read everyones opinions of Mac vs. PC.
    We have a home network of PC's; my laptop is a Toshiba Satelllite and I love it.
    Certainly your other blog posts have a preference for Mac. Good luck making a choice!!

  31. Love your block, Kaaren!! I'm really regretting not participating in this adorable quilt. Sigh! LOL

    The 'Golden Girls' are wonderful. Names are perfect. :-)

    Oh, Ollie will be home soon - I can hardly wait. I'm so excited for you and Mr PQ. :-)

  32. Can't wait to see Ollie in his new home. Your block is so cute. I own a Mac and wouldn't trade it for a PC. I think it's just plain easier to use!

  33. It's fun to see how different each of you are making your BOTM blocks. Each one is beautiful.

  34. Kaaren,

    I have a PC and am too intrenched to change now. My understanding is that MAC is the best for gaming, video work, and photo manipulation. The down side is that their are a lot of great softwares for quilters (like EQ7) that are made specifically for PC only. My best advices is to determine "what" you want to use it for...what softwares are you going to run...and check those out to see if they are compatible with MAC. After all, if you can't convert your existing designs they will be lost...but if you can, then the MAC is state of art for designing your patterns, etc. Good luck in your hunt!

  35. I went from a desk pc to my first laptop, the entry level Macbook, and had absolutely no trouble at all changing over. And I have never looked back. It is absolutely the greatest thing ever. So easy! My two adult kids then bought Macbook pro's, which I would recommend over the entry level one. Better battery, sound, and a backlit keyboard. Well worth the investment.

  36. Karen. I always had a laptop but recently needed to replace. Since I had an IPhone I went for an Ipad2. Would never go back. A bit of learning curve but not difficult enuf to give up on it. I didnt get the IPad 3 since the only big difference was whether I downloaded movies or tv shows. Which we don't. Take a look at the IPad

  37. Hi Karen, I stubbled upon your blog while blog surfing nova scotian sites. My husband and I are moving to the Annapolis Valley in the next month or two, fingers crossed, from the UK. I just felt I should say Hi as I've been admiring your lovely garden and gorgeous quilts and of course your super cute puppy in waiting! On an aside, I'd go with a mac everytime!

  38. Great job getting caught up! I like your addition of wool--I've been doing that on a few of the projects I've been working on lately but I didn't on this one. Isn't it fun?!

  39. I love my MAC PC home computer. I got it about 16 months ago. I am SO glad that I did. SOOOO glad.
    My husband had to practically beat me over the head to do it!~ lol I did not want to spend the $. He was right. I should have NEVER gotten ANY OTHER brand or laptop or anything. It's wonderful. It all began when I got the iPad, the first one they came out with. But, I love a keyboard. So, I got the keyboard to prop my ipad on. We lived on the island then and could not get good computer service, so this worked for me. Then, we moved off, I immedicatelyl began searching for a computer. I did not want a laptop because every one I ever had broke pretty quickly. I'm pretty rough on things. I guess. ..
    anyway, that's my opinion.
    Also, i was afraid of the learning curve. SO EASY!~ I didn't have any help. i did it!~

  40. P.S.
    OH!~ NO virus to worry about. No buying this or that to protect your computer... It's just so hassle free.
    LOVE your chickens! Can't wait for Oliver to come home...

  41. I'm re reading comments. I thought PC stood for personal computer. See what I know! ha!
    I have an IMac, 27" , Model A1312, with the wireless keyboard. HOME COMPUTER>
    Good luck!~ I'm glad my husband said, "GET THIS ONE and buy it now!"
    I agonized so...

  42. Mac all the way. It will be the best decision you ever make!!! Honest. We have been a Mac family for nearly 4 yrs. I was super hesitant/skeptical to leave the PC. Now, I am like "what the heck was I waiting for??" Mac is super user friendly. If I can do it, anyone can!!! Everything we own is Apple now. LOVE it!!!

  43. Love your block, but that new puppy is the cutest EVER!!!

  44. I purchased a iPad lasts year and love it. I also have a iPhone and a regular laptop that does get used much.

  45. I like to look at the issue logically first. Then emotionally.

    The average life of a laptop or pc/mac is about 3 or 4 yrs. After that, the item is considered old. You can pay for upgrades to buy you more time. At a certain point you will be buying another pc or mac to meet your current and future needs.

    Mac = more than double the cost of a pc. If you want to have the mac upgraded you have to take it to an authorized mac place, you will pay double at least for the parts and labor. Mac's also are attacked by viruses. A good antivirus program that is set to run at a time you set will protect you from most attacks.

    PC= you can get a good laptop or PC quite inexpensively from quite a few places. Maintenance and upgrades can be done yourself, and fairly easily. Or if you want to hire someone, the cost will be affordable. A good antivirus program that is set to run at a time you set will protect you from most attacks.

    Emotional view =
    I have owned a PC, and a mac. I prefer the PC version laptop, w/kb & wireless mouse. Now my machine can be portable or be at a desk with kb & mouse.
    Wireless network allows me to take my laptop anywhere in the house, and outside too.
    I want an item that is easy to use, always test before you buy. Keyboard is to my comfort; monitor/screen the size I prefer. USB slots (keyboard, thumb drive, external hard drive, wireless mouse) I want to have options. My laptop came with a fair amount of RAM. I found that my activity on the internet (especially movies and videos) required more ram. I took my laptop info to the store and bought and installed the additional RAM myself easily. Videos, movies, and more here I come.

    The girls look good, and not to long before you are hunting for eggs.
    Cannot wait to see your new puppy at home. And please tell us how Frankie responds to the new arrival.

  46. Sorry I'm not going to be any help with your Mac/PC query - I rely on my computer nerd friend for that, but I have a PC!
    Your Golden Girls are looking great, how happy they must be, what a joy to see them fossicking around the yard! - and the countdown is on in earnest for Ollie - does Frankie know yet!!!!

  47. Mac.
    Love your block! The Golden Girls are fun. Glad you are one day closer to Ollie's arrival. Hugs

  48. Golden Girls Betty, Bea, Rue and Estelle need a Golden Boy. Have a Great weekend.

  49. Love that block, Kaaren! And I love the names for your Golden Girls, how funny. *G* I've never had a Mac but it's on my list, lol. You're so close to bringing Ollie home, yippee!

  50. I don't have a Mac, but people who have them, love them. Macs don't and never will have a flash player. Since I use the flash player alot, I need to have a PC. My friend, who works on computers says the Lenovo brand PC laptop is the best quality, best built and should last about 4 years.

    Love your block!

  51. I am on my second mac book pro. I absolutely love my mac. They are by far easier to use than a PC. Congratulations on your new best friend--Ollie. He's adorable.

  52. Mac every time. They're so pretty for a start and if you have anything else Mac - iPad, iPod or iPhone - they all keep updated with anything you put on any one of them. And the operating system is very easy to use, and they're safer from all these viruses going around.

  53. Hi Kaaren nice to see you back to your old self, sorry to read about you loss I know you miss him but that little pup will bring much joy. Hugs Bunny

  54. We've been using our daughter's old MAC and even though we'd always been PC people, if I had to replace it I'd probably go with the MAC. As folks have said, a few things are different, but nothing that will cause you major headaches to get used to. I can't wait for Ollie to come home!! I hope there will be LOTS of photos! o:)

  55. I'm getting excited with you for Ollie to come home to you - he looks absolutely adorable.

  56. I have a pc laptop that runs as my desktop with keyboard and monitor. It is old but runs well and easy to use. Several months ago I purchased an iPad2 and I like it very much for portability. As another reader wrote though, I would not be happy without Flash which evidently doesn't!t run on any Mac...I had thought it was only the iPad. Lots of good pros and cons voiced here. Good luck and let us know!

  57. We are an all Apple household--desktop, 2 laptops, 2 iPads, 2 iPhones. All work seamlessly and the sync feature makes life much less complicated--especially calendar and photos. Have had all Macs for years and NO virus problem at all. Their customer service is tops if you have any questions and they will make sure you are happy with your product. One feature I love is Spotlight in the mail program. If you are searching for an email, just type in Spotlight box any word pertaining to that email and it will pop up. Saves loads of time.....too many other wonderful features to mention. And I had to order the Comfort and Joy pattern...your fabric choices are the best!

  58. I have a Mac desktop, a Macbook Pro, Ipad, Iphone & a Dell & HP desktop. Yes - I know! way too many computers for one house. I use the Macbook Pro the most - love it! I keep it downstairs & use it to check mail, look up items & play on the internet. The Mac desktop is where I have my photos & major programs and documents.
    The one drawback has been no EQ & some embroidery files are not Mac friendly. But, I wouldn't give up my Apple products! I love them - there is a learning curve though - even thought they say it is intuitive - they aren't always.
    The kids have PCs. My son is a gamer - so his is a desktop to avoid overheating & my daughters is a laptop for college.

  59. Your Comfort & Joy block looks good. You must have speedy fingers to have caught up already.


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