Friday, May 11, 2012


I had never heard of Google Docs until a couple of days ago when I whined about having problems with Scribd and asked for your help to find a reliable hosting site for my FFF PDF files.  So many of you came to my rescue and suggested that I give Google Docs a try.  After several attempts at trying to figure out how to upload the file, I finally ‘got it’ and have since replaced the link on my FFF post which you can find HERE

With your help, I think ‘we’ have found the solution!


You all are the greatest and I am so grateful for your help.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

If you happen to try to download the Spring Floral Needle Case using the new link, could you please let me know if you have any problems?

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As you can imagine, we’re finding it pretty lonely here without Mac.  I think Frankie is feeling lonely as well because since Mac’s passing, he has taken to sleeping in Mac’s bed…something he never did before.


After sorting through, folding and tidying my stash a short while ago, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy any new fabric unless I absolutely needed to.

Well, I absolutely needed to have these!


Not only did I order these fabrics from Busy Thimble, my favorite Maine quilt shop which I wrote about HERE, I also ordered one of my favorite magazines, Primitive Quilts & Projects from Cyndi as well.  My other favorite magazine, Quilt Sampler Shop Hop I purchased at the supermarket this morning.  Guess what I’ll be taking to bed with me this evening?  *wink*

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Some time ago during the winter months, Candace from Squash House Quilts sent me some tomato seeds that were developed at Rutgers University. 

Traditionally, planting time for tender seedlings and veggies in Canada is no sooner than the third weekend in May.  I planted the seeds indoors about two weeks ago and here they are now, happily basking in the sun on the window sill in my dining room.


The tallest one is about 7” high and they are getting stronger every day.  Next week one of our friends is coming by with his tiller and not only will he be enlarging our veggie garden area but he is also going to till two new flower beds for me. 

So guess what I’ve been doing?


Stalking the nurseries and buying a whole slew of perennials with a few annuals thrown in for color!


We’ve had heavy rain and high winds for the past two days and as a result, the ground is too wet to plant just yet.

The three different varieties of rhubarb that I planted last spring in the herb garden right outside our back door are growing like crazy and I’ll be picking my first batch tomorrow.  The chives are about 10” tall and the annual herbs will be planted sometime this week.


Freshly stewed rhubarb on toast for breakfast…not to mention strawberry rhubarb pie…heavenly!

Our local farmer’s market is having it’s annual “rare and unusual” plant sale tomorrow morning so you know where I’ll be! 

The rhubarb will have to wait until I get home.



mckie2 said...
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mckie2 said...

I was able to download it with no problems. Thanks so much.


Allie said...

Yep, google docs worked like a charm! Thank you Kaaren!

Awww, look at Frankie - I bet he's loving all the attention he's getting though. My word, you have your work cut out for you with your beautiful garden - enjoy, Kaaren!

WoolenSails said...

Poor Frankie, they do miss their pals.
I need to get my garden going, at least the seedlings and plants that I always get in too late to enjoy.


Deb said...

your download worked no problem at all. This will be a great case to make thanks again for your wonderful talent.
It is fabulous that you are well and gardening, spring brings new life and outlooks, enjoy it you are going to have a lovely garden this year.

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, poor Frankie, that is a very touching photo. I'm sorry about Mac.

barcord said...

downloaded pdf no prob. Frankie will be missing mac. Maybe he feels closer to him in the bed. love your purchases. I need to get some bedding plants but its just a wee bit cold yet to put them in. Hoping for a warmer week soon. Enjoy that rhubarb. One of my fav.

Phyllis said...

I was able to download and print with no problems. I also did a file save and that was also good. Thank you for going the extra mile to allow access to your wonderful designs. I appreciate what you do for us.

Janet O. said...

Dear Frankie, waiting for Mac to come back home.
Once that rhubarb takes hold you may not have room for any other plants in your herb garden. : )

Linda said...


Karen said...

I can tell you are feeling better.

Joan said...

I downloaded the file with no problems. Thank you! Poor little Frankie! He's missing his best friend. So glad you're doing well and keeping yourself busy. Have a great weekend! X0

Anonymous said...

You sound like yourself again. Frankie seems to be waiting on Mac. Why not consider getting Frankie a friend to cuddle with in that big ole bed?

Janet said...

I'm glad you found a good solution to the download issues, yay, lots of folks will be very happy.
Poor old Frankie is grieving too, bless him.
Hev fun with the new fabric and thew gardening, I adore rhubarb but so do the possums I have here.

Unknown said...

Hello Kaaren, thanks so much for the FFF (needlecase). All went well with the download!!!!


Jennifer J said...

Please be careful with the rhubarb. Research it a little before you stew and eat it. To my understanding, the acid in it is an anti-nutrient, and keeps your body from absorbing other nutrients. I have heard that soaking in boiling water, then tossing that water can help. I have also heard that rhubarb is a no for cancer patients. So please, check it out for yourself before you eat it. I know it is delicious. I miss it, but can't eat it anymore.

Sandra said...

Worked nice and smooth. Thanks for the pattern.

Sandy said...

I must be doing something wrong. :( I clicked on the link ("Here" in your blog post), and it took me to another post on your blog. How do I get to the Google Docs download, please?

Sandy said...

Oops! Sorry! Operator error or senior moment — I don't quite know which to blame. ;) But I've found it now. Thanks! :)

Lesley said...

You are a smart cookie to get Google docs all set up...wonderful that you were able to get some excellent help so that your FFF's are accessible . Good for you! Glad the fabric and magazines found a good home. Wish I lived closer...I love strawberry-rhubarb pie! And your plants look wonderful...hope the weather coope

Maria said...

Thank you Kaaren your FFF downloaded without any problems..

Melanie said...

I've been out of blog world...popped back in you just seem happy. great post... love that green thumb of yours... Pets do grieve for one another, don't let anyone kid you... Enjoy your weekend.

AnnieO said...

Glad you had readers' good advice for Google Docs--I sure would not have known about it! I'm off to download the pattern, thank you.

Frankie is so sweet in the basket. Sorry Mac is not with you all any longer, so sad!

The cover quilt on the Quilt Sampler is one of my local stores--so excited for the owner, Marilyn, that her quilt made the cover! I'm taking my copy to be signed :)

Deb said...

OMG the thought of the stewed rhubarb on toast reminds me of my grandmother! When we would visit she would make that and we'd have it on toast many moons ago! Thanks for the wonderful thoughts!

Sandra Henderson said...

I miss rhubarb so... can't grow it down here. Brings back fond memories. Your plants look wonderful!
That is a very sweet photo of Frankie. So precious.

GerryART said...

Spring is the time of Re-newal. For each of us.
Must Haves fabrics are the best. And, who? could turn down a lovely in mag with great photos and articles that lead us to dreams.
love 'n hugs

Candace said...

Hi Kaaren! I'm so happy to see the Rutgers tomatos are sprouting and almost ready to plant! Yay! I didn't know there were different varieties of rhubard, too! Poor Frankie - I do believe our animals are just as sensitive as we are - how sweet that he wants to be near Mac!
Happy Planting!

Merilyn said...

Glad you found a solution to your pattern sharing problem Kaaren, there just had to be a solution out there somewhere!!!!
Poor little Frankie, he looks quite forlorn in that big basket too! It'll take a while to adjust, and the house will seem awful empty for a while - they're only little critters, but their personalities fill the house don't they?

Jenny's Place Online said...

Glad to hear using 'docs' worked for you, Kaaren. I am still learning with it too, putting things into folders, etc., but consider anything computer related to be very much trial and Good luck with the garden, and happy crafting, Jenny