Friday, October 28, 2011

Y’All are the greatest!

I’ve landed safely back on earth after floating amongst the clouds for the past week since receiving my ‘comfort quilts’ from Allie and her world-wide posse.  *wink*

Comfort Quilts

They’ve certainly come in handy over the past couple of evenings when the thermometer dipped to almost freezing overnight here in paradise.  My heartfelt thanks again to everyone for thinking about me during these stressful times.

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The gal who delivers our mail has been busy lately.  Allow me to share with you some of the many gifts that have found their way here from across the world…literally!

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I received some wonderful goodies from Linda who lives in France.

Can you spot the little thimble on the shelf in my studio pictured below?   I’ve tried to highlight it for you.


It is a wooden thimble with a carved replica of the chateau in the town where Linda resides.  How cool is that?

Doesn’t it look right at home with the rest of my sewing memorabilia?


Also included in the package was a sachet that Linda made filled with French lavender which I hung from the door handle to the storage area under the dormer, also in my studio.


Every time I enter, the heavenly aroma of lavender fills the air.

Thank you again, Linda for your wonderful gifts.


You all seem to know me so well.

Stephanie sent me a teeny-tiny pieced log cabin key chain, a Civil War charm pack with 21/2” squares, a hexagon template from Miller’s, a well-known quilt shop in Ohio Amish country and a pattern with three hens representing Rhoda, Ruby and Roxanne…our Rhode Island Red hens…of course!

Perhaps I’ll make a mini quilt using this pattern and allow the ladies to share it in their coop over the winter.  *wink*


Stephanie’s message says it all.  Thanks again, my friend.


My friend Edie (no blog) and I connected quite a while ago and she too knows me very well.  I was so excited when I received this package from her because I just knew it too had to be something wonderful.


I certainly was NOT disappointed!

Don’t you just love this hand made pincushion made from from the softest wool imaginable?  And the pumpkin design?  It doesn’t get much better than this!

You’ve made my heart sing again, Edie.  ♥ ♥ ♥


When this surprise arrived, I was completely taken aback.  Ady from Israel (no blog) knows that I needle cases. 


The needle case was made using Indonesian batiks which are simply gorgeous. Now I just have to figure out what to make from the fabric samples that Ady included…and it has to be something special, that’s for sure!


Thanks again, Ady!

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A short while ago, Kathie was giving away a copy of the “Sew Scrappy” magazine.   I had searched for a copy on our local newsstands but I couldn’t find one anywhere.  How fortunate was I to be chosen as the L-U-C-K-Y winner?

I already congratulated Kathie for making the cover…yep, that’s her scrappy hourglass quilt happily staring back at us…and I’ve decided that my next quilting endeavor is also going to be a scrappy hourglass quilt.

Thanks for the ‘inspiration’, Kathie. (Kathie’s blog is called, “Inspired by Antique Quilts.”)


Slowly but surely I am making progress on my ‘hit-and-miss’ hooked rug.  I’ve only been working on it at our Tuesday hook-ins and haven’t worked on it at all at home.  

So many projects and so little time! 


I’ve always been an early riser but take a guess at what I was doing at 6:00 this morning? 

Doesn’t everyone make chicken soup at that time? 


By 7:37 a.m. (see the clock on the stove?), lunch was ready.

Can you guess what Mr. Painted Quilt had for breakfast?

You guessed it!    (If he reads this he is going to kill me.)


But I put my foot down when it came to Stephanie’s Sour Cream Apple Squares.  I told him that he had to wait at least until lunch time before diving into these.


And just to tease you a little, isn’t this Victorian Christmas toile fabric awesome?  This is the back of my next FFF (First Friday Freebie) which will be released next Friday, the 4th of November.

Now that lunch and dessert are made, you know what I’ll be working on this afternoon.  Next Friday will be here before we know it.


Have a wonderful day!



Abby and Stephanie said...

Gifts from the heart are special treasures. Enjoy each one. I do think Sour Cream Apples Squares are delicious for breakfast. :o) Gorgeous toile Santa. Enjoy a lovely weekend.

Cattinka said...

It is great to see you this happy.
You have wonderful friends that gave you wonderful presents. Enjoy!

Sandi said...

Lovely gifts for a lovely lady, the toile fabric is amazing.
Can't wait to see what you designed.

Stay warm,
Sandi in New Westminster, B.C.

Anonymous said...

You are very special to all of us in blogland....enjoy your gifties. Perhaps a little extra something for the postal clerk around the holidays to ensure you receive your goods! LOL

WoolenSails said...

What wonderful gifts and things you will treasure and brighten up your days. I make homemade soups more in the winter, nice to have a warm filling meal, that is also good on the waistline;)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Such lovely squishies for a lovely lady. Oh, the toile on the back! oh no it should be on the front. Can't wait for FFF now

Sunnybec said...

You are very welcome Kaaren! Hugs Linda xxx

GerryART said...

We ALL ♥ you, Kaaren.

KaHolly said...

Glad you are enjoying so much mail that ISN'T just bills!! You've rec'd some cute and thoughtful gifts. I make stew at 6:00 in the morning. At least I was this morning! (And then I went shopping for the day!) And now that it's suppertime, it's all ready! I like that!

Candace said...

Your worldwide posse loves you, Kaaren! What fantastic gifties - I can just hear your spirit soaring! I think Mr. Squash and I would have dived into your soup for breakfast, too! We had Stephanies apple cake last week - it's sooo good!

JudyCinNC said...

Heartfelt treasures are wonderful and you received some very nice ones. Soup looks good - I love homemade soup - just about any kind will do. Tomorrow I will be making Pasta Fagioli for my daughter who will be visiting. THank you for sharing all your treasures with us. Judy C

Sheila said...

Kaaren, You look like you are having a great week? The soup looks delicious. What else could your husband have for breakfast after waking up to the great smells coming from your kitchen. Can't wait to see what you have for us next Friday. Have a great week, keep warm!

Merilyn said...

Lovely gifts Kaaren!!! Your chicken soup looks pretty awesome, and why not have it for breakfast LOL!!!! Love that toile too, and your hooked rug project is starting to look very nice indeed!!!!

Rhonda said...

Beautiful gifts! And that food you made is good any time of day. :)

Lesley said...

How have impacted so many people in this blog world with your messages of positivity and sharing...we all wish you the best...enjoy your treats!

Janet said...

What nice little remembrances! it's so nice to receive little packages in the mail, isn't it?
My thoughts turned to soup today too, and made ham and split pea - yum!! - must be the feeling that snow is in the offing. Am picking up some apples over the weekend and making a big pan of apple crisp!
I do love your geometric hit or miss rug - keep us posted - I'd love to see the finished piece.
Thanks for sharing your week with us all.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Glad to see that you are being showed with goodness! Enjoy!!

Sandy said...

What wonderful goodies you have received! I can almost smell your chicken is getting cold enough here in Ohio for some soothing comfort food like that also.

ann said...

You are one creative lady. Take care of yourself Some nice gifts

Elzaan said...

Such lovely gifts from wonderful people/friends. You are blessed, Kaaren!
Hmm, your soup and Sour cream apple looks yummy!

Allie said...

ROFL - it's YOUR world-wide posse, girl! I'm so glad they're warming you up. We've sure needed extra quilts here too, it's freezing. My youngest son came in the other day and thanked me for his quilt, after having it for two years! He did thank me at the time, but it's good to know he appreciates it, lol. I laughed so hard.

Wow you're getting wonderful mail! I do think the girls need their own quilt hanging up in the coop, looks like in the pattern they're on the nest, so maybe it would inspire the girls to new heights. That little pumpkin pincushion is DARLING. And what a beautiful needlecase!

Your rug looks amazing, maybe you can finish it this winter - seems like a cozy thing to work on. How I wish I could rise that early....I usually fall asleep at that hour! Love the toile fabric, can't wait to see what's on the other side!

Needled Mom said...

What wonderful gifts you have received to warm the soul!! There is much love for you out here.

I love the Santa toile fabric. Yes, Christmas will soon be here.

Doesn't everyone start cooking at :30 in the morning? Bet it smelled great though.

Linda said...

Lovely gifts for a lovely lady.
It's great to have so many friends out there that care.
Love the toile, but again I'm a softie when it comes to toile.

Jenny's Place Online said...

What lovely gifts, Kaaren. I'm sure they will keep you occupied for a while. Please don't take this the wrong way, but the toile Santa looks soooo lovely before you even start! :) Happy crafting, Jenny

Lori said...

How fun to share ourselves with each other. You deserve all the prayers and gifts.

Love the Santa toile!!

Jan said...

Hi Kaaren,
I'm a new follower of your blog. Your friends special gifts speak thousands! What a special person you are! I'm sure you do the same for them when they are going through tough times.
Also, got to have it!!! Now!! Tell me more about the Christmas Toile design! Got to have it!
Finally, thanks for all you do and your inspiration to all of us.
P.S. I am also a new "hooker" as well. My husband loves to tease me about it.

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog silently for a long time, may I tell you that my prayers go with you. I love your zest for life and all of your lovely blogging friends. May peace be yours today and always.

Janet said...

I just wish I was aware of the friendship quilt, what an amazing gift and all the treaures you've recieved are very special. I bet Mr PQ just couldn't resist the smells in the kitchen.

Gmama Jane said...

Dear Kaaren,
We stitchers are some of the most caring and empathetic folks in the world. We circle the wagons when one of our own is in trouble. Have you seen the movie or read the book The Help? If so, you will understand when I say:
You is Kind, You is Important
Blessings and Prayers for your Healing
Gmama Jane

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

What a wonderful post! It seems you are well loved by your blogging friends...such wonderful thoughtful gifts from the heart. I can almost smell your soup and dessert! I hope your day is a good one.
Maura :)

Siobhán said...

Oh my goodness! What fantabulous goodies. LOL at soup for breakfast. I don't think I could manage that one!!

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! I love your quilts! Thank you so much for your lovely blog! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!