Friday, July 29, 2011

Coming for dinner?

First I gathered all the ingredients.


I took a short cut and used store-bought deep dish pie shells.  Because they come in pairs, I decided to make two quiches at the same time.  Mr. Painted Quilt likes to eat!  *wink*



And after.


Is your mouth watering yet?


I made two so there’s enough to go around.  Dinner will be served shortly.  I just have to make a salad and the rhubarb crisp is in the oven.

So are y’all coming?

houses and hearts

Tomato Onion Quiche

  • 1 unbaked pie shell
  • 2 c shredded cheese (cheddar & mozzarella)
  • 3 medium fresh tomatoes (thinly sliced)
  • 1/2 onion (thinly sliced)
  • 6 sliced mini bella mushrooms (optional)
  • 1 t dried basil
  • 1/4 t garlic salt
  • cracked pepper - to taste
  • 2 eggs
  • 3/4 c milk
  • 3 T grated parmesan cheese


Sprinkle bottom of pie shell with cheeses then layer tomatoes, onions and mushrooms over cheese.  Sprinkle basil, garlic salt & pepper on top.  Then beat the eggs and milk together and pour over all.   Sprinkle with parmesan cheese.

Bake at 350F for 45-50 minutes.

NOTE: The above recipe is for one quiche.  If you’d like to make two as I did, just double all the ingredients.

houses and hearts

On the medical front, I heard from my doctor late this afternoon, just after she received the biopsy results.  Both came back negative.  To paraphrase her words, she wasn’t sure if this was good or bad news.  I was told to wait at home while she called the resident oncologist and after speaking with her and reviewing my file, she called back to tell me that she would be turning my case over to her.  She (the oncologist) will be ordering additional tests from the current biopsy samples and will also be ordering a PET scan to try to determine the source of the cancer.  Evidently I will be hearing from her as early as Tuesday of next week with an appointment for the scan.  It’s the waiting that’s the difficult part.

houses and hearts

And we’ve been keeping busy.  Today Mr. PQ and I worked outside for about three hours cutting the grass, doing some edging and weeding the flower beds.  We also planted an ornamental Japanese willow along with some hardy ground cover foliage under the maples where the grass struggles to survive. 

Whenever I could fit in a few minutes, I’ve also been working on my nine patch quilt and the entire top is now pieced together.  The weather forecast is calling for rain tomorrow and if that happens, I’m hoping to get the border cut and sewn on.

And now, it’s time for dinner!  Are ya coming?



Neabear said...

I would love to come, but I am afraid I am a little too far away to come. Well, make that a lot too far away. LOL! Enjoy it for me. I hope the news next week is good news.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I'll be right over! (maybe not) Thanks for the recipe. Stay positive. Hugs and prayers.

marina said...

would love to come for such a yummy dinner. shall I bring dessert? Might take me a few days to get there though lol.
More waiting for you unfortunately. Will keep my fingers crossed a little longer.

Gra said...

Your dinner looks great. I am having zucchini pie in a short while, otherwise I would accept your invitation.
I will be thinking about you and let´s see what the doctor says next tuesday.
If you don´t mind me asking...have you been feeling sick in any way?? You sound so full of energy, it is hard to picture you as someone with an illness...which I am really glad about and happy for you.
I hope you have a very nice week end!!!

Marge said...

I'll bring both the salad and dessert if I can come! The quiche looks wonderful. We traveled in Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland in 2008, and I want to go back so badly! Loved it!

Sending lots of positive thoughts. Sorry you have to wait yet again!

Debra said...

Dinner looks GREAT ! !! I might have to borrow your recipe ! ! !Sending prayers your way hoping everything works out for the best ! ! !

ann said...

Veges and eggs like both. You are a fast quilter Were you a fast painter? Bless you

gracie said...

Keeping you in my thoughts....I just went through the same thing and waiting is the hardest. As for the quiche...I love over real soon for the left overs!!!!

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I will be trying that recipe - minus the mushrooms - the rest sounds yummy!

More waiting... I am so sorry! I will continue to send up prayers so you get answers and more clear idea of what lies ahead. Even though I am not around as much, you are on my mind and in my heart often!


marie said...

Your dinner sounds good, but we have already eaten. Will try your recipe soon. Could you post of picture of your Japanese maple as I'm not sure I know that one. Keep positive on your news next week.

Joan said...

Sending healing thoughts your way. I hope you receive good news next week.

sunny said...

I'm late! I'm sure you're finished with dinner by now, so I guess I'll have to make my own quiche. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!!

Potpourri said...

The quiche looks very tasty and doable I am going to give it a try, perhaps tomorrow, thanks for the recipe.
Darn negative report , their is nothing worse since it gives no conclusion.
Hopefully additional tests will pin point the site.
When you go to Avonport next time , try to stop for a great lunch at the Evangeline Motel in Grand Pre. You won't be sorry.
Perhaps you have already been.
I am waiting to have Raspberry Pie.
Have you gone to Blomidon Nurseries in Greenwich? they have great trees shrubs plants etc.

Sheila said...

I'm on my way, it looks delicious. I love your new/old dough board, it was meant to be at your house. Take care and have a nice weekend.

B J Elder said...

YUM! Your quiche would have gone great with our fresh corn on the cob and cantaloupe. We topped it off with blackberries on frozen yogurt.
You are right - the waiting can be the worst part. Your positive and upbeat attitude is so great and so helpful for you as you fight this battle. I know who I'm putting my money on! :D

Susannah said...

Oh...I can taste that Quiche right now. I am going to fix that for dinner tomorrow night. Thanks for the idea.

Kaaren, I have thought about you so much this week. When today came and we had not heard from you...well, I thought you must not have heard yet. I know, the waiting is the worse! It just wears on your nerves! You are in my prayers every night. All will be okay.

I am so glad that you are keeping busy. That yard of yours is going to be like the most beautiful "putting green"! It sound so pretty. Keep up the good work on your nine patch. You always make the nicest quilts.


OneOldGoat said...

Oh my goodness! Looks so good - if only my tomatoes would ripen.

Beth aka oneoldgoat

Jocelyn said...

Wow your quiche looks delicious! I'd love to come over and help you eat it :-) But alas, that would be a very long drive ;-D

Sandi said...


Your dinner looks lovely,I'll have to try the recipe, thanks for sharing.

Hope the next series of tests finds the source of your illness, it's hard not to be positive about the negative results.

Looks like you are having some lovely weather. It has finally come to the west coast. Let's hope it stays around for awhile.

Thought and prayers heading your way.

Judy C said...

Dinner looks great, with all those fresh ingredients I sure it tasted great too. I had a lovely dinner out with Mr. C and a little birthday shopping as well for a little grandaughter. Hope my garden starts producing soon, we had a late start and I can't wait for fresh tomato and cucumbers.

Darcy said...

Love your music!

Gail said...

Karen thanks for the invite but I doubt I could make it to your house in time for dinner, it's only an 8 hour

Gail :)

Jackie said...

Dinner sounds wonderful - I will be there in spirit!

I hope you are having good weather for all the gardening and yardwork - we have hit over 100 degrees for over 20 days, and I stay indoors in the air conditioning!

Good luck on the tests - I know waiting is hard, but you are in our prayers!

Darlene said...

That looks soooo YUMMY! I would love to come for dinner - does tomorrow work for you? :-)

Be well (Hugs)

Kim said...

Considering how well you share day to day happenings around the cottage, life as it's dished out, I feel as if I have been there for dinner and a visit. This waiting for medical results is a very difficult thing to have weighing on you. Wish there was a way to take it all away. I think of you often and always enjoy visiting you here. Thanks for setting a few extra places at your table. :-D

Erin in MI said...

Oh good! I'm so glad to hear your doctor's recommend a PET scan. It's the best scan we have available right now to pinpoint cancer sources. It's time consuming, but painless. And so worth the time for the information that it gives you. Praying for you.

Karen said...

Sure wished I had known I would have brought a fruit tart.
Instead we went to a beach concert.
Lovely cool evening on the beach in Santa Cruz, CA. Friday concerts during the summer.

Sure hope this set of result is good news. And wishing for more good news.

Jenny's Place Online said...

Dinner looks lovely. I'm not sure of the time line... I may be too early, or too :) On the bright side, at least your doctor is getting advice from others and not taking a negative result for granted as a good sign. It didn't take long for the doctor to find out about Frankie... a PET scan!! Best wishes and happy crafting, Jenny

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Oh yum!! You did make my mouth water! T&P's for good news in the coming week.

Hands Sew Full said...

I think I may have missed dinner but I was glad to hear the update on you. I will continue to pray for you and for your medical team. Give Frankie a pet for me!

Susan said...

Your menu is divine and looks yummy. Fresh produce and eggs I'm sure made some mighty fine quiches.
Thanks for the invitation (and the recipe).

Sunnybec said...

Save me some of that quiche I have just booked a plane ticket!!! Yummy I love quiche with new potatoes and salad always reminds me of summer. On the medical front lets say it's good news shall we, this cancer doesn't stand a chance there are far too many people fighting it with you. Big hugs Linda x

Red Heads said...

Kaaren dear, I am praying that all turns out well for you. I would love to have some of your tasty looking pies. In fact i am going to try to make one. We are heading for :th valley: next Wed, for afew days. We will be staying in Kentville. Of course I WILL visit AVONPORT for a look ( ha ha) at some fabrics there. Sending to a {{ HUG}} . Blessings: Dianne

Abby and Stephanie said...

I'll be there. I'd offer to bring dessert but you've already made that as well. :o) Thank you for sharing the recipe. The doctor's are being thorough and that's a good thing. It appears you have lots to keep your mind occupied and that's a very good thing. Hang in there, Kaaren.

Siobhán said...

It definitely sounds as if you're keeping busy! I pray that the news next week is good.

Elzaan said...

Your quiche looks very delicious!!!
At least that is one scenario to tick off. By eliminating all the possibilities, you will soon discover where the problem originated, and will be able to treat it, I believe.
Well done with the progress of your next quilt project.

Elyte said...

Be there soon, just keep my piece on the warmer please. Waiting is not much fun. Maybe your creativity can guide you through the coming months and keep you busy and positive.

Mari, Tenerife (España) said...

It looks a yummy dinner, enjoy it.I hope the news will be good news, stay positive. I wish you luck. See you soon...

lynneUSA said...

On my way and I am same as you, I cope with any news better than no news.

Keep busy and we are all sending good thoughts

Susan said...

That looks and sounds sooooo gooood... I can almost smell it here.

I did print it to try perhaps next week.

Still praying for you. Not knowing is so hard..........

pinsandneedles said...

Your quiche dinner looks yummy and I would love to come on by. Then I could also see your beautiful home and gardens! LOL.
Kaaren, keeping you in my prayers.

Diane H said...

Got Ketchup? Keeping you in my thoughts, dear Kaaren. Jealous of all your garden goodies!

Melanie said...

You're a tough cookie... Delicious looking quiche.

barcord said...

I can almost smell those lovely quiches. Pity I dont live around the corner. I'm sure you managed to demolish at least one yesterday. Will continue to pray for peace of mind as you wait for hospital appointments and results. Lots of love B x

JudyCinNC said...

Thank you so much for sharing that recipe. I will be making it soon. Sends hugs, smiles and positive thoughts your way. Judy C in NC

Maxine said...

Count me in. Just love quiche, but rarely take time to make it. It's the pie crust that's never in the fridge. Guess I need to buy some and keep in the freezer. Thanks for the invitation. My prayers continue for your healing.

GerryART said...

We're on our way over, but don't hold up dinner on our account.
I'm just gathering up my sock knitting to share with everyone - sure hope I don't bore every one at dinner.
Thanks for the invite.
Love ya
hugs to you, hubby,doggie and hens,

Shawkl said...

Yum! That quiche looks great....I can almost smell it! Thinking of you....I know the waiting is hard. But, if they are having trouble "finding" the cancer...then perhaps it is in the very early stages. That would be good news I think!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaaren

Your dinner looked so good. Will try your recipe soon. Vegetable gardening is not on my agenda. The flower ones are all I can handle. We are very lucky to be surrounded by Amish neighbours who keep us supplied with lots of fresh veg and eggs. Sorry you are having to wait for further results, but glad you are keeping busy and keeping us updated, as we are all waiting to hear.

You are always in my thoughts and prayers.


Deb said...

I would have been there for dinner if I lived closer, it looks delicious! It's frustrating not knowing exacting what is going on with your help, so I'll keep praying and hope that it's good news and you have a speedy recovery.

Merilyn said...

I'm glad to hear you are having a PET, this should give the doctors more information. My thoughts continue for you and that you get some idea of what you are dealing with! The waiting is the worst part. Working in the garden and enjoying the fruits of your efforts is great therapy in the meantime!

SueB said...

I would love to come to your home for that dinner and thank you so much for the recipe. I will be making that really soon. You have a wonderful week end.

My Life and Quilting said...

Hi Karren... My mouth is watering.. The quiche looks yummy... Thanks for sharring the recipe... :)
My prayers and best wishes goes to you in hopes you beat this ... I will keep you in my dayly prayers in hope's you get great news... Hugs :)

Jean Brodie said...

Sure wish we could come right over for supper. Looks Yummy!! I've tasted your cooking and it was always a treat!!
Waiting is so hard- you are in our thoughts. Hugs and prayers! Jean

Allie said...

That looks ever so much better than my dinner - left over mac and cheese from KFC - wow! I'm praying for good news, the waiting IS very, very hard. I hope you get rain so you can sew!

Sheila said...

Keeping everything crossed for better news for you next week :)
Your quiche looks delish :)

Marit Johanne said...

I am afraid there will be no more quiche left when I arrive ... your dinner looks yummy, I love quiche. Maybe I will make one some day soon. I know what you say about the waiting, my husband had cancer 12 years ago. He is now well, and I pray that you will be too!

edyB said...

YUM-O those do look delicious! Would love to drop by for a chat and a taste or ten! 8-)

I'm finally beginning to harvest a few tomatoes and tiny eggplant. I have lots of basil (several types) and other herbs. Our weather has been to weird for the garden this year.

Take care and remember that we're all sending good thoughts!

Anonymous said...

O.k you are inviting me to come over. I'm coming......(lol). I'm thinking of you and hope there will be an answer soon

Toddy Sumsky said...

Know that you are in my prayers every day. Hope that all will end well.

Michelle said...

Those look fantastic! Too bad my honey won't eat quiche. I might have to make one while he's at work.

Lori said...

The quiche looks wonderful. I'd have to put some meat in there for hubby to eat it for dinner though. I tried it once and he asked me where the meat was! LOL
I hope you get quick answers soon about the test results...I cannot imagine how it feels to be put on "hold".
Take care of yourself.

Karen said...

Your dinner sounds wonderful - and joining you would be wonderful to. I will continue to keep sending positive thoughts and prayers your way - I'm sorry that you have to wait a bit longer.

Hugs - Karen

Debra Jefferson said...

Thank you for the recipe. I think I will make two and share with my grandparents!
Keep your spirits up & know that you are in a lot of people's thoughts all over the world!


Kathy MacKie said...

Thinking of and praying for you.