Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poinsettia Quilt Update and Other Stuff

Thanks to all of you who so unselfishly offered suggestions with respect to the laundering of my newly acquired Poinsettia quilt that I spoke about in my last post.


I received several personal emails encouraging me NOT to wash the quilt unless it absolutely needed it which, as I mentioned in my original post, it doesn’t.  The only reason I wanted to wash it is because I’m anal about things like this and thought that if I was going to use it on our bed, then I’d like it to be fresh and even cleaner than it already is.  Instead, I was advised to wait until a mild, sunny day and either lay it out on the lawn on top of a clean sheet or to hang it on the clothesline to let it air and freshen in the breeze.  I will be hanging it on the clothesline very shortly.


One of the emails I received pertaining to the quilt was from Lisa in Ohio who is a quilt historian and member of The American Quilt Study Group.  She provided me with some amazing information about the quilt pattern and with her permission, here is an excerpt from her email…

“Some history for you regarding the pattern, it is Mountain Mist's pattern #39 - Poinsettia.  Mountain Mist produced patterns on the backs of batting wrappers for many years.  This particular one was designed by Margaret Hayes around 1930.

You can still purchase original patterns through the Fabric Shack in Waynesville, Ohio (one of my local quilt shops).”

Lisa went on to add…

“If you want to see a couple more examples of this quilt, there is one on the Quilt Index that is embroidered and appliqued.  It is listed under Quilt Index Record: 42-75-5.  Another one is shown on eBay here.”

Click on the eBay link above to see the asking price of an almost identical version of my quilt.  I just about died when I saw it!  I sure am happy that Diane talked me into buying it…and so is Mr. PQ!  *wink*


This past Sunday was a glorious day in this part of Nova Scotia.  Although we’ve only been living here for three and a half months, the beauty, ruggedness and simplicity of this province never ceases to amaze both Mr. Painted Quilt and I.  Virtually all of the snow is gone except for places where the sun has difficulty reaching, but here is a tiny sampling of some of the beauty.


At one time I would have wanted to paint this scene but now I’m going to hook it.


Look at how clear the water is.


You can imagine just how high up we were when I took this next photo.  The view was breath taking.


We watched the fishermen unload their catch in this little fishing village.


Notice the lobster traps?  Lobster fishing in this part of Nova Scotia is allowed only from November until May after which time the season closes.


Want to buy a good, used fishing boat?


Nah…me neither.


That was how we spent our Sunday afternoon.

Better than unpacking boxes, wouldn’t you agree?



WoolenSails said...

It is good that you could find out about your quilt, the internet is such a wonderful place. Love your scenery, beautiful place to live and I am sure once the weather gets nicer, you will be exploring even more.


Karen said...

I am glad that you aren't going to wash it. It is a beauty of a quilt.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed your last couple of posts...that quilt you found is an absolute gem and I'm sure Mrs. Anderson would be thrilled to know it was living with a fellow quilter. Isn't it amazing that it was from the same place you just moved from!
I like you would want to wash it to make it "clean" but the advice is right about not washing especially because of those reds. If it were me I'd moisten a Q-tip and dab it on the red to see if the colour transferred..if it did I would leave it well alone!

Thanks for sharing your field trip :o)

Cattinka said...

The quilt you got is a beauty, and I think it will be better not to wash it. If you want it to smell fresh, why don´t you give it a tumble in the dryer with a dryer sheet?
Bye for now

Needled Mom said...

How wonderful it was that you received such great information on your quilt.

The are where you moved is just gorgeous. It looks like the perfect spot for many paintings (or hookings).

Rumi said...

Interesting facts about your new quilt. I have been to the Fabric Shack and it is wonderful!

Thanks for the great little tour around your area!

Valspierssews said...

Wow, It is great to know that it is still possible to make an amazing find. Well done.
Your surrounds look beautiful. Must be nice to see the last of the snow.

Siobhán said...

Oh, I love the pictures!! Nova Scotia is SO beautiful. I just love that quilt, too. How neat to have background information on it!

Potpourri said...

Just a clarification about lobster fishing, the province is divided into districts and your district can only catch lobster within those months. It is always available somewhere throughout the year. Great photos of Digby Gut and the Annapolis Basin, it truly is a wonderful plasce and geologically stable.

Patty said...

I'm glad you decided not to wash the quilt. I'm not an expert but felt in my gut it was the wrong thing to do. Enjoy the quilt I was blown away at the price of the one on eBay. Love the pictures, my parents used to take us camping in Nova Scotia and I've always thought it was a beautiful place.

Sue said...

I did write after the last post but as usual, it went nowhere... I, like you, would want to wash it just so it is fresh and clean when used on the bed or stored or whatever.. but if it really does not need it, why take a chance. I have had very good luck washing old quilts in the machine using Orvus quilt soap and dye catchers but red is tricky. wet a white cloth and rub gently and see if any colour rubs off.. It is a beautiful quilt... you were very lucky. I think you will find, generally, in the Maritimes, quilts, antiques, etc. are less money than elsewhere.


Janet said...

That quilt was meant to be yours, I'm so happy for you. What a stunner.I really did enjoy the little tourist walk with you, what a lovely place.

Anneke said...

I spent way to much time on your blog, but I loved the entries from the last days. What a wonderful quilt and what a fun story about your purchases.
I just love love love your new studio, it's a crafters dream come through.
What a great region your new environment is. Such a different place then our little country.

Shelley said...

Kaaren, I LOVED your new studio!! All the lovely accessories you have used to decorate just fit in so nicely with the age of the house! And no, I didn't think you had forgot lol! I was just worried I had missed it! It looks really nice laying on top of your cutting table...I would have understood if you needed it to stay :)!

suz said...

How wonderful that you found information about your quilt and even got an idea of its value. Thank you for sharing the photos. My dad loved to go to Nova Scotia for holidays. We either went to Cape Breton, which was his favorite area, or to Halifax, which my mom liked. I recall seeing rug hooking shops on the way to Cape Breton when I was a kid, so apparently that skill is still very much being carried on there.
Your house is coming along beautifully. Your studio is great. It must be comforting to go there and "work".

Elzaan said...

That is a precious quilt. I am going to find that pattern and make one myself.
Lovely photos taken from your outing. Such a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing.

SewCalGal said...

I'm glad you are holding off to wash your quilt too.

Great post. And I do love that old fishing boat.


Beginning Quilting said...

Your Poinsettia quilt is just so gorgeous. You did an amazing job with it. By the way, your photos are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing them! :)

Sandy said...

What a gorgeous quilt...I think you were meant to have it...all facts considered!!