Friday, January 7, 2011

First Friday Freebie # 16

If you’ve stopped by here recently, you know that the unpacking from our recent move is at a standstill until we have some renovation/construction work completed in our house and as a result, my creative juices seem to be flowing uphill…or perhaps I should say not flowing quite as freely as usual.  As I mentioned in my last post, I managed to commit a few designs to paper but because I still haven’t been able to locate some of my supplies in the as yet unpacked boxes, that is where the designs still remain…on paper.  However, I am determined to locate my threads and floss by the end of the weekend as I am definitely experiencing withdrawal symptoms …besides, I really like my latest winter-themed line drawing!  *wink*

girnalda de flores

I did manage to get the photos taken and the instructions written for this month’s FFF  (First Friday Freebie).  Some time ago I gave you a preview of my Wool Crazy Sampler Pincushion and what better time than now to present you with the instruction packet. 

Wool Crazy Sampler Pincushion

Please click HERE to download the PDF file consisting of the photo, instructions and line drawing.

girnalda de flores

Here are a couple of photos that I took of our backyard yesterday afternoon around 4:30 p.m. when Mac and I went for a ‘little walk’.


It is so pretty and peaceful and the deer come to visit every night to eat the windfall apples that are still on the ground as well as the carrots that we now leave out for them.


This next photo is the view from our front yard overlooking the Annapolis Basin across the road.  This is sure a pretty part of the country, with so much natural, untamed beauty.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind words of support and encouragement during my time of transition.  Never in a million years did I think that this move would be so stressful and exhausting.  However, now that things seem to be moving ahead rather than standing still, I find myself in much better spirits and my frame of mind has improved tremendously.  I’m counting the days til when I unpack that last box.  It won’t come soon enough!

You guys R-O-C-K!

Kaaren ♥


  1. Hey sweetie, before you know it you will have unpacked all you want, boxes will still be holding things and you will sit back and say enough! The full boxes will be stored and you will be home.
    You are sounding so much better by the way.

  2. As do you Kaaren.....the fact that you keep on keeping on even with all the change and stress that comes with are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
    Thanks so much for all the beauty you bring us each is truly appreciated and loved.
    sew many sugary hugs,
    Wendy XX :O)

  3. I don't know how you even managed a big move like this. I keep saying I will never leave this house just because I couldn't bare to have to pack or unpack to move, expecially 25 years of gathering! When you pack that last box away I hope you will have a little celebration! Your new surrounds looks so perfect. Worth the extra time to settle.

  4. One day, you will find everything in it's place...and wonder how it happened! I remember our drive across the states and then living with the boxes too. Thanks for sharing the pictures ...

  5. Wonderful views make wonderful memories and creative minds. So with that said, I think you are where you were meant to be.
    As always

  6. Thank you as always for a very creative freebie. I love your wool crazy pincushions and this inspires me to get back to them. Good luck with the boxes. I hate to move and empathize with you! It will be great when you are all done, so hang in there.

  7. Hi Kaaren,

    I love the latest pincushion tutorial. Glad to see you are enjoying the outside. Try to take more walks, leave the boxes each day for a little while until the work inside is done.I know you will finish them all when you have more renovations completed. I'm afraid I still have some after six years. Take care. Dianne

  8. Your place looks amazing. You have wonderful views all around you, and you will get to the unpacking when you can. I moved in 2006 and I still have a couple of boxes still sitting around. Thank you for the wonderful Wool Crazy. I think I may start it today. Great week end project.

  9. How wonderful to be surround by year round beauty. Perhaps Mac will be making new friends with deer and other critters.

  10. I am glad things are looking up for you before you know it all the work will be done and the house will be set up just the way you want it!
    keep us posted, I love seeing before and after pictures!

  11. Missed your FFF's! I'm enjoying the tales of you re relocation and new adventures!

  12. Really Kaaren you are the one that ROCKS! here you are in the midst still of a life changing move and you still think of your blogging friends when you could just say "I got nuttin for ya" and let it go at that! But that isn't you and that is why we all love you so much!!

    I can't wait for those projects to be done for you so that you totally get your groove back on! I can only imagine what that scenery will inspire!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs!!

  13. Kaaren, I absolutely love, enjoy and admire photos that bloggers so graciously share. Thank you.

    I thought that where you live would have lots of snow. Is your "little snow" normal for this time of year or will you get more?

    I am thoroughly enjoying every bit of your move - again, I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful photos you are sharing.


  14. Karen, thanks for the wool pincushion instructions. I have been wanting to create one since seeing the first post on these.
    Boy you surely have a beautiful location there. relax and enjoy the journey before you know it all will be set to right and back to normal for you. ps give the pup a little scratch from me. :)

  15. Oh Dear don't get the deer too interested in coming for food or your flowers and veggie garden will offer them lovely meals as well. They have no manners and will nibble your property like crazy.
    Hey boxes are okay, they don't require dusting, just look for your flosses and enjoy the winter.
    We shall get some snow sooner rather than later and then it will last until late April.
    We don't get much of a spring lately.

  16. What a beautiful will be settled in before you know it...look what you have done so far..keep up the good work and don't do too much at once...thank you for the pin is sew pretty...

  17. It looks like such a pretty area. A little bit of snow sure adds to the picture.
    I hope you fid your supplies soon.

  18. Kaaren
    My name is Sydney and I do not have a blog but look for new tales of your adventure every day! What a talented and strong woman you are. Soon you will be settled and your mojo will come back. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. Many hugs...Syd

  19. What a sweet pincushion!!! Love it.

    That is a gorgeous area. It will be fun to see it through all of the seasons.

  20. Hi Kaaren.. just tried to send a long message and lost it..... so trying this first to see if it works..


  21. ok, I see it did...... check often to see if you have posted so nice to hear from you today. Hope you find your floss, so annoying when you knew just where they were in your "old" place.... I do so want to make your pincushion. Have done some wool work over the holidays, pincushions and a block for a challenge at our guild where we make one block and it goes into a bag and gets passed to three other people who also make blocks with your theme. I decided to make a wool on cotton block.. Fairly large so included the background fabric and want them to do wool as well. Will have to see how it all works out. I am in the process of putting my Bunny Baltimore on the frame for hand quilting. I figure it will take two or three (probably three) months to get it done. Our quilt show here is in Sept. Hey you could come, take the ferry and I could pick you up !!! So want this quilt to be ready for then. Would send pictures but don't know how, or if, it is possible on this. Could email them to you... Ok, back to work.. have to piece a backing for my granddaughter butterfly quilt and the quilt is too big so the backing is too small so I have to come up with a solution....
    we also have the deer and love to watch them but they are distructive to your garden. I don't garden so don't mind when they prune my cedars (they all look like phallic symbols - eaten around the middle and bigger on top) am I allowed to write that on your blog ??, or eat my one and only hosta !! They love hosta !!

    so bye for now and if you can't find your floss, just go out and buy some more....

  22. Kaaren, I do not know how you do it! Thank you for sharing the pictures, I think you have a little slice of heaven there.

  23. Kaaren - I am so glad to see you looking up a little. Moving is really stressful, but few people go through that kind of move.

    Love the FFF - looking forward to more designs soon.

    Hugs - Marie

  24. From those photos, I'd say that it was worth every moment! Things will start "sifting out" into their new homes and your comfort level will reappear. Before you know it, you'll blink and it will be an event that's 5 or 6 years in the past.

  25. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your new home. Glad you are started to settle in and feeling better. We never know how stressful change can be until it happens. Hey, if you do not miss something, leave it in the box and de-clutter. NOT you floss and fabric though!!

  26. Kaaren, Grammee Linda above sez it all.
    You have a great blog and we all enjoy knowing you.

    I've downloaded this great pincushion and plan to make it soon
    for as you've said more than once - -
    just can not have too many pincushions.


  27. Thank you so much. I needed a gift to create in the next week or so and this is IT! I am inspired!

  28. LOL! Taming the deer and fattening them up eh! Do I smell BBQ LOL! Thread and wool and can get thru anything with these things on hand :)

  29. Glad you're settling in Kaaren: I don't know if you've been warned that deer ticks are endemic in southwestern Nova Scotia and some are definitely carrying lyme disease. Any feeding of deer will habituate deer to being on your turf and they will be leaving ticks behind. Ticks will drop off trees and bushes onto the next moveable feast whether it is you, Mr Painted Quilt, or Mac. Everyone, Mac included will need to be checked daily (from late April until mid July) if not more often as it's when they latch on and stay on for a day or so that the infection risk is highest. Another bonus here from global warming :-(
    Enjoy your new home - hope the reno is going well.

  30. Bless your heart! Moves no matter how young or old we are can be very stressful. We plan to move from our home in about a year and a half. We have lived in our current home for 27 years and this is the 2nd home we have ever lived in. So we have been accumlating for a total of 47 years. Our other home we live in for 20 years.

    Thank you for the FFF that you always seem to make time to create for us.

    Best Wishes, Happy New Year to you and your family. Many special happy times in your new home. Your pictures of the country side are beautiful.

    Hugs, Carolyn

  31. Thank you so much for the beautiful pin cushion pattern. I have so admired the ones you have done and shown on the blog. You are such a creative and talented artist! And sharing with those us you have never even met, is just so generous of you. I am most appreciative. I took a wool applique class at the Houston Quilt Festival this year so am ready to tackle this! Thanks again, I can hardly wait to get started! I enjoy your blog so much and look forward to each new post.

  32. Kaaren, thanks so much for getting this FFF up today. You've had so much on your plate lately.

    I'm sure your new home has your creative juices flowing and I see a deer or two in your upcoming designs!

    I'm glad you aren't having some of the problems with rain and snow that other parts of the maritimes are experimenting.

    Cheers to the New Year.

  33. I can't believe you had time to publish a FFF in the midst of all your moving work!
    I have been living vicariously through your stories of you move. (I've wondered lately what it would be like to move to a totally new place...) Your new spot looks wonderful, and I'm so glad you are settling in and getting past some of the stress.

  34. Oh sweetie - I love this pincushion so much, thank you! I can't believe you're putting this up and you can't even find your supplies. I hope the contractor gets going for you and finishes in record time. And I hope you do locate your supplies - I get very stressed when things aren't in their proper places, moving just kills me, lol. So I do know how you feel - but it will get lots better, and soon!

  35. It's going to be so good to have yourself settled after the renos. It takes it out of you. Love, love the FF, I'll be saving this gorgeous one and thank you heaps for continuing to share even when there's been chaos.

  36. All will be over soon enough! With a view like that, who would spend time unpacking, if you can just sit and enjoy??!!
    Thanks for sharing this lovely pin cushion. Such a cutie!

  37. How sweet of you to give us a FFF this soon after your move! I loved your pincushion and will enjoy digging through my wool to make one of my own. Thank you for sharing!

  38. thank you for this wonderful pincushion, I just love this wool ones. I have a little problem getting this wool in our village, but the internet is a great way to get whatever we need!

    love the pictures of your new surroundings. our snow melted the last few days, we have a green view out here again.

  39. Oh Kaaren, the pincushion is incredible! Thank you, thank you for this little gift to all! Just that you were able to get it together in all the commotion makes it even sweeter!
    Maybe this summer you and Mr. PQ can sit quietly under the apple trees at dusk and the deer might come right up to take apples from your hand!

  40. Oh thank you for the crazy pincushion pattern! I have to make one of these! Glad you are starting to find some of your things! Gosh your backyard is wonderful!

  41. Karen, the house looks beautiful and the setting cannot be described. I am envious but looking forward to many more pictures and stories.

  42. Thanx again for a great freebie. Hope that the new house soon will became a new home...


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