Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

I just returned from the post office with my very first parcel delivered to our new address…all the way from Australia.

Back in September, before we even entertained the thought of moving, I signed up for Chookyblue’s 2010 Secret Santa Christmas Swap.  I participated in it last year and looked forward to it again this year.  But, as you know, life and moving took over our lives during the past couple of months but I did manage to get mine out on time.

holly sprigMy SSCS partner was Toni, and here’s what she sent me.


One of the gifts had to be a hand made Christmas ornament which we could open immediately and the other gift also had to be hand made but didn’t need to be Christmas-themed.  This one we have to wait until Christmas morning to open.  Fat chance of me doing that!

Inside were two ornies, one hand made and the other store-bought.  Both are wonderful!  Toni also included some yummy sweets. 


I can’t promise that I’ll be able to wait until Christmas before opening my last gift but I’ll be certain to share it all with you when I do. 

I’m betting that you’re as curious as I am, right?

Thanks to Toni for her wonderful gifts and also to Chooky for hosting the swap.  I’m looking forward to next year’s already.

Kaaren ♥


  1. I couldn't wait - I would already have it open. Oops, it came unwrapped during delivery? Aren't little gifts the best?

    Hugs - Marie

  2. Gifts are cute, Kaaren. Is it snowing there yet?

  3. You did well Kaaren to be able to make your things for SSCS - especially with all that's going on with you right now :o). Lucky you to get Toni ... she makes some truly gawjus things!!! Love your plum pudding birdie ;o)!!
    Joy :o)

  4. You lucky girl you. What a nice first package and I am sure it will be remembered as that for years to come. Congratulations. Wait, no, I couldn't either... I sure hope your staying warm and dry.
    As always

  5. Open it! I can't wait! LOL
    Gosh darn...I wanted to be the first package...where is my package?!!!! How long should it take anyway...from here to there doesn't sound like forever!!!

  6. What a sweet swap - what fun to get mail in your new home!! I think of you often and wonder how the unpacking is going and if it is all you hoped it would be! HUGS!!

  7. there is now way I would wait. I would rip that paper right open. What a wonderful surprise to you.

  8. LOVE the polka dot packaging. Something about pretty packages ties up with string...DARLING owl ornament. Toni's work is fantastic.

  9. Won't admit that I have no will power, lol.
    Love the presents, how fun.


  10. What nice treasures to welcome you to your new home!!

  11. Oh, yippee! Isn't it great to get such wonderful goodies in the mail? Beautiful!

  12. Best of luck with trying not to open it Kaaren. I agree its really hard, only a week to go I keep telling myself I can do

  13. DARLING little ornaments- perfect way to decorate your new home! Good luck with waiting to open the other - I'd have to have someone hide it from me.

  14. What a lovely surprise! A little bit of joy in between the chaos of settling in...
    Those are some cute and yummy gifts.

  15. Kaaren Hello!!

    beautiful gifts that you have arrived and siiiiiiii I am also curious ... well, well ... not so little ... patience to the day .... kisses and hugs for you ...

  16. Darling's so cool to get gifts in the mail!

  17. Karen,

    What wonderful gifts for your new home. I hope all is going well for you in making up the new house.


  18. Oh my word, Kaaren, that is the CUTEST ornie. How creative! Another "first" for your new home - first Christmas.

    Many hugs coming your way.

  19. I am so happy to hear you parcel arrived safe and sound with the changes you had........lovely ornaments from I hope you can safely save the main present until Xmas day as it will be sad if you don't have one to open then when then rest of us open ours on Christmas day.........


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