Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Rest of the Stories

I guess I had never written the final chapters on a couple of things that happened during the last few months of 2009 because I’ve had several emails asking me, “Whatever happened with…?”  So…

The rest of the stories.


Remember my dream house which I wrote about here?


Just last week we received a call from our realtor to tell us that the house had finally sold…but not to us.  Sigh.

After much deliberation and number crunching, Mr. Painted Quilt and I decided to let our dream remain just that…a dream.  The final nail in the proverbial coffin occurred when we found out that the listing agent inadvertently forgot to tell us about the “extra” $600-$800 yearly  heating cost for propane.  The two original fireplaces in the house had been converted to propane a while back and the costs would be reflected in the frequency of use, determined by the severity of the winter months.  This additional cost put the monthly carrying charges for the house over the top for us.

So the final chapter on this particular dream house has been written.  I now have a sense of closure and can put the dream to rest.  The End.


Then there was the story of a copyright violation which I wrote about here.

If you recall, I saw this in the advertising sales part of the Country Sampler magazine.


The flag pictured in the center was painted by an artist who stole portions of three of my original paintings, changed the elements around a bit, painted his/her version and then sold the design to a licensing company.  Several of the design elements including the line drawings appeared in this volume of one my published decorating painting books below.  The decorative design that I painted on the crock was something that |made up and even this was copied.


I forwarded a copy of my original blog post along with a letter of explanation to the editor of Country Sampler magazine.  They responded almost immediately to advise me that they would be contacting the company that was selling the flags to tell them that they would have to change the advertising photo as they would not be running that particular ad again because of obvious copyright violations.  They gave me the contact information for the company as well.

At this point let me reiterate that I bear no malice to either Country Sampler or the company that manufactured the flag for reasons that I spoke about in my original post.  I decided that I would seek advice from our attorney before proceeding.  

My worse fears were answered at that meeting.  He advised us that unless we were willing to spend thousands of dollars to pursue the matter, we would be wise to drop it and chalk it up to experience.  Even a “Cease and Desist” order would cost piles of money to execute and the little or no remuneration that might be recovered would not even put a dent in our costs.  Sigh.


Hopefully the manufacturer will go after the fraudulent artist because yes, they can still sell the remaining stock on hand hoping that I won’t sue them but they cannot use the flag in any of their promotional advertising either which will ultimately affect sales.  If and when this happens, then justice in my mind will have been served.  I have also been able to put this issue to bed.  The End.


I have been very busy in the studio as well although I have nothing that I can show you…yet. 

Just last night I finished working on my February FFF (First Friday Freebie) but of course you can’t see that until February 5th  and March’s project is almost done.  I also started the design for March this morning and that’s progressing well.


In December I designed a quilt that I completed last week and it is now in the capable hands  of my friend Nancy, longarm quilter extraordinaire, who will be casting her magic spell over it.  I’m hoping to have it back by the end of the month at which time I’ll decide what I’m going to do with the design.  I’ve got a couple of ideas in mind but won’t make the final decision until I get it back.

Thanks for stopping by and as always…

Happy stitching!

Kaaren ♥


Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I swear you read my mind today!! Though I already knew about the house outcome, I was wondering about copywright violation and the outcome of that. Now that things are a wee bit calmer around here, my mind is actually able to focus on things besides Holiday food, gifts etc. Among other notes, I have a post it note next to my computer to remind me to email you when I am on AOL again to ask you!! Imagine my surprise to see your post is about that exact question! Thank you for answering that my friend. I am sorry the outcome isn't any more favorable for you, but I am glad that Country Sampler responded so well on your behalf.

Looking forward to seeing your own design quilt when you get it back.

I hope you are keeping warm! hugs, Linda

Penny said...

Thanks for the rest of the story. I'd been curious about that lovely house and had been hoping to hear of a "move date." I enjoy your blog. It's always one of the first that I check on each day.

The Farmers Oldest Daughter said...

I really do like your blog. The talent you have is amazing. Your First Fridays are wonderful and I am trying to make some of them,although for me that takes some time since I have a full time job.

I have a question, where did you get the lamp that is in your picture header. I have looked and looked for something like that.


Deb said...

Ka, it is always nice to have closer on things isn't it otherwise you continually question yourself about if you did the right thing ot not. So sad about your house outcome but good in other ways.
A shame about the copyright thing but karma will rule and the person will get what is due to them, don't worry about that.
This year will be a great year for you I am sure so onwards and upwards,
hugs Deb

Abby and Stephanie said...

There will be another dream house! Keep going down the less travelled path. My b/p rises when I think of those who steal designs and sell them as their own. Unfortunately I see this happening on blogs I read too. It can not be gratifying stealing and calling it your own. Absolutely NO self satifaction.

paulette said...

Hi Kaaren!
Thanks for sharing! I have been wondering what happened to your dream was/is so beautiful! Your new header is also a thing of beauty!! Well done!

Patty said...

Well I guess you can some satisfaction about the flags... it figures that it would cost a fortune to deal with the theft of your design. I'm glad to hear that you're keeping busy. Hope to see you new quilt sometime in the future.

Brenda said...

Nothing beats starting a new year wih a clean slate. I am happy to read you are just "moving on". Sometimes I find we all have a moment when our feelings get the most of us and we get caught up in the heat of our passions. I have to remind myself to "move on" you have done. Inevitably, with letting go comes peace and the hope of new things to come. I can honestly say that I have never regretted letting go, of anything.
Thanks so much for reminding me of that. It's OK to let go... you;re just making room for new and better things to come. I'm excited to tag along for the ride! Twenty-ten, here we come, woo-HOO!

Annie Bee said...

I am so glad that you updated us on your Dream House and copyright issues. I am sure that another dream home will come along. I am sorry to hear that there was not a better outcome to the copyright issues - it is so upsetting to see people blatently copying other people's work and calling it their own. It is good to move on and I can't wait to see your Quilt when it gets back.

Stephanie Hughes said...

Kaaren, I can't believe you have gone thru so much trouble and difficulties. You seem to have learned the hard way. I am glad they believe you and hopefully will not trust this artist again. Hope things calm down now. Steph

Allie said...

I'm glad to know the end of the stories, but I wish they both had happier endings.
I am looking forward to future designs!

Annette said...

You have been generous to share your beautiful talent, it's too bad someone had to abuse you like that. It is so unfair. You have me curious about your new quilt project and now I can't wait to see it. Oh and I love your new header...gorgeous!

RG said...

Hiya gorgeous!!
You've been a very busy girl.
Love all that you're doing :D
Rob xx

May Britt said...

I get so angry reading about this copyright abuse. We had a lady here where I live who copied patterns from australian magazines and claimed it was her own design. Did she really think she was the only one buying these magazines.

Deb said... sounds like alot of housekeeping of 2009 is completed so that you have a fresh palette for 2010!! way to go!
Your designs are so wonderful I am hoping to accomplish one.. you are so energetic and full of creativity what is your secret??

Beth Karese said...
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Beth Karese said...

The whole copyright thing is wrong. Too easy (and free) for someone to steal a design, and too
expensive to make it practical for most people to go after a violation. Big sigh. :-(

I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been working on!

In keeping with the title of your post, I'll end with, "good day!" :-)

ranette said...

Kaaren....I like that you have an upbeat, positive attitude about life and even though you've been wronged you are still giving away your beautiful embroidery designs.

I've seen lots of the copyright violation happening on very popular blogs and I just don't understand it.

Have a great day and I'm excited to see your new quilt!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

You are one busy lady Kaaren! Thanks for the update - we are all with you!

Kim said...

I just found you today.....someone blogged about your finished "tisket a tasket" so I had to come by and see it and spent a lovely hour looking at all your fabulous creations and freebies.
I also learned from you this morning.... accept what you can not change--- make peace with it and move on. Thanks for the reminder that life is too short to dwell on the negative.

Happy sewing

Susan said...

I see that Valentines day has cast its spell on your table. It looks lovely.

I finally finished my pillow from the January FFF..... It looks great in my living room. Thank you so much for the design.

Carrie P. said...

Well, that just does not seem fair about the copyright laws. Hopefully the magazine will keep their part of the deal.Sorry for your troubles.
Love your header photo and can't wait to see the quilt.

Unknown said...

What a shame about the house. The good thing is that it's still a buyers market and there is a perfect house out there for you that will be even better than this one.

Sherri said...

I enjoyed hearing the outcomes of both events...when one door closes another always opens...sometimes it's hard, though, waiting for that to happen. Looking forward to seeing that quilt at the quilters...I'm sure it's spectacular!

Maggey and Jim said...

Well, not good news. I remember about those things and had wondered. I knew about the house but not the painting..Lets pray that this is a truly fruitful New pun intended..I love all of your designs and your new banner at the top is awesome..

Julie said...

now how did i miss this post?
well it seems appropriate to have these things come to an end. a new year brings a new beginning.
as for the thief...... karma will take care of that issue for you, i'm certain.
julie xxx

Gypsy Quilter said...

Kaaren, just so you know, when I bought my house, the gas line was hooked up to the fireplace gas logs. However, I chose to go with a pellet stove as the main heating source for my house. I'm not sure what the final cost for the winter will be as we've had some majorly cold days, but given the fluctuation in the price of propane, I felt I was better off with pellets. My monthly heating bill will be no where near $600.00 here.