Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Blessings Continued

I don’t know how many times I’ve counted my blessings over the past year.  I think I’ve lost count!


It has been a wonderful year, indeed…primarily as a result of the friends I have made through blogging.  I’ve “met” many of you through swaps and some just by visiting your blogs and you visiting mine and leaving comments and striking up a friendship that way.  Well Pat is one of my friends who I met just that way.  Through blogging, we found that we shared a fondness for similar things and styles.


On one of my trips to the post office last week, I picked up a parcel and I knew it was from Pat, simply by her return address.  I wanted to rip into the parcel right away but remembered to grab my camera first.  Well guess what?  The batteries were dead…again!  That meant I had to wait til the next morning to open her parcel because it takes 6 hours for the battery on my camera to fully charge.


At the crack of dawn, guess what I was doing?  You guessed it…opening Pat’s parcel!  I was blown away!


All of these individually wrapped surprises…which one to open first?  The biggest one, of course!

DSCN1377 DSCN1378

A darling “bag lady” doll with personalized stitching on the arms and legs.  Click on the photos to see her ‘up close and personal’.  And can you see the pincushion  as well?  It’s made from a mason jar lid.  Now how cool is that?

DSCN1385 DSCN1383

The journal on the left with the x-stitched design on the cover just took my breath away.  Pat even personalized it with my initials.  I also received a Stacy Nash…one of my favorite primitive designers…pattern booklet and some x-stitch linen.  I promised myself to take the time to do more x-stitching in the new year.


Pat also spoiled me with other goodies as well, pictured above.  A tea towel with the world “Believe” stitched on it, a wooden block with the words “Merry Quilting” and a tin of mints…and a tree ornament made from a child’s building block set.


Thanks again, Pat for your kindness and amazing generosity.  I am still in awe of all my wonderful treasures. 

And  a special thanks to all of you out there who happen to read this.  In your own way, you have all touched my heart…some by just stopping by to read about what I’ve been up to, others who have decided to ‘Follow” along in my blogging journey and to others who are kind enough to take the time to leave a comment…you are all VERY special to me.


This will be my last post of 2009.  Do remember to come back on Friday, January 1st, for my next FFF or First Friday Freebie because along with another new design, I’ll have something else to tickle your fancy.

And from our home to yours, please allow me to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

Kaaren ♥



Anonymous said...

What nice things! I thought that it was so special that she wrapped each piece up individually.
I'd never seen anything like the "bag lady," what a treat.
Thanks for the well wishes and I enjoy your blog, it is a pleasure to come here and see what you are up to! :)

Linda said...

Happy New Year!!! Kaaren to you as well. See you in the new year..

Lurline said...

Happy New Year, Kaaren - looking forward to continuing friendship!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Maggey and Jim said...

What wonderful gifts.. Love the doll.. very different. Happy New Year to you and yours

Annie Bee said...

What beautiful things. This year I have decided to cover my journal and am still trying to work out how to do it. Happy New Year to you too. Blogging friends are neat.

Mimi said...

Oh! I can only imagine what fun you had opening all these wonderful gifts. I was loving each and everyone of them right along with you. The bag lady, the block are adorable. Everything. Makes me want to get out my needle and thread and paint and try to reproduce them. You are one lucky lady and your friend is one talented lady, too.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

I have never seen a bag lady doll! What a fabulous idea! Is that a commercial pattern or did Pat design it herself? I love the Mason jar lid pincushion and the journal cover, too! So very beautiful!

Lissa Jane said...

Happy New Year to you.. I love your gifts you have received :O)

quilty huggers

Lissa - Australia

jackiero said...

Back'atcha dear Kaaren! May your 2010 be a blessed year! Filled with happy stitching, online friends, health, super blog reading.......
Smiles, Jackie in NC

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Happy New Year Kaaren, I am so glad I know you and I look forward to another year of blogging fun.


Hi Kaaren--I want to Thank You for all the First Friday Freebie's that you design--thank you for your time and talent in doing this and then in sharing it with all the rest of us.
You are most lucky to have found a friend in Pat--what pretty goodies she has sent you.
HAPPY NEW YEAR and may all your dreams and goals be met in 2010!
Hugs, Di

Val said...

What a nice way to end the year with goodies like that. I want to be her friend too! Ha!. Isn't it funny how we meet people that we just connect with? I love it. Happy New Year!

Michi said...

Dear Kaaren!
I really like your blog and your pattern! I will come back and I wish you a Happy New Year and let your spirits flow.(I hope this kind of an English sentence!)
Best wishes from Austria
Michi :)

Janet said...

What a beautiful gift. I'll be back for FF, happy new year.

May Britt said...

The "bag lady" is sooooo cute. And what a great idea!! You are so lucky.
Wish you a happy new wonderful year.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kaaren, your blog is a source of inspiration. Thank you for sharing and, most of all, I wish you and all your family a wonderful 2010. "See you" next year ! ;-)

Abby and Stephanie said...

Happy New Year Kaaren! More sweet goodies and "Kaaren" style. :o)

Lori said...

Happy New Year!! I don't comment much but wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

You really have touched so many with bloggy friendship this past year. I know you have meant a great deal to myself and can imagine others as well. Pat sent a very pretty package...I'm loving it all as much as you!
Here's wishing you many new stitches for your New Year!!

Anonymous said...

You have been spoiled again, I 'm very happy for you. See you next year, have a happy new year

Micki said...

Looking forward to continuing our friendship and wishing you a Happy New Year!

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Oh my - what a delightful parcle that was indeed! I am drooling ovetr those goodies Kaaren. They will look wonderful in your prim home.

I am so sorry I scared you! I can't believe I didn't even realize that would give that impression. YIKES! You can tell my brain is still full of too much sugar from all the Christmas goodies!

I thank you for your sweet comments each time you visit and I feell the same way when I visit your blog. I look forward to many more fun trips to the Painted Quilt in 2010!

warm hugs and best wishes for a Happy New Year my friend!

redgarnet222 said...

I just love visiting your blog ever since I found it about a month ago. It is the most cozy, happy place to be in the morings with my coffee. Thanks so much.

Happy, healthy and prosperous new year to you and family...


Siobhán said...

Wow, what beautiful gifts! Wishing you a very happy 2010, Kaaren!

Kim D. said...

What a wonderful package Kaaren. Love your little gifts. Have a wonderful New Year!! Looking forward to reading your blog again next year.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Happy New Year Kaaren!!

Carrie P. said...

Wow, what a fantastic Christmas gift. The little bag doll is so unique. Love it.

Stina Blomgren said...

Oh Kaaren.. isnt Pat the most wonderful and generous... all your gifts are just wonderful... I LOVE THEM... You just have to wait and see what she sent me.. all I can that ... we have twins..or maybe there are triplets.. what do I know... Pat is just so... The best!!! Im just back from my trip home... and are catching up some.. have missed blogland heaps!!!! :o)
Have a wonderful New Year my friend!!!

flavia said...

ciao!hai il tutorial della bag lady??? mi piacerebbe realizzarla!!!