Saturday, August 1, 2009


Is there anything more special?

I don’t know who coined the phrase but there’s certainly a lot of truth to the saying, “You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family”. Well I think I’m lucky on both counts because I’ve got a great family and some truly awesome friends.

berrydividerx Many of you have ‘met’ Darlene through blogging, as I did. From the first day I started reading Darlene’s blog, I felt a strong kinship. Later I found out that we have shared many similar life experiences…some good and some not so good.

Some time ago when I posted about my love affair with wool and the penny rugs I had made, Darlene indicated that she too loved things made from wool but that she couldn’t work with it because of an allergy to the lanoline. As a result of some clever sleuthing on my part, I was able to obtain Darlene’s snail mail address and I sent her one of my penny rugs as a surprise, and surprise her I did!

berrydividerx I think perhaps the same person who came up with the phrase about friends and family might also have said…

Turn about is fair play” because yesterday, look what was waiting for me at the post office!

DSCN0816A package from Darlene!

I knew a package was on it’s way because I had won a giveaway on Darlene’s blog a few weeks back…but I didn’t know what I had won.

DSCN0821Darlene and I both ♥ stitching and she sent me a packet of feed sack dish towels and some iron-on embroidery transfers. How cool is that?

Also in the package was a totally unexpected RAK gift that really touched my ♥.

DSCN0819A table topper size quilt made and machine quilted by Darlene in my favorite…Civil War fabrics! Be still my ♥!

I knew exactly where it was going to go. Yesterday morning, I did some reorganizing and rearranging in my studio and I moved a pine shaker table into the space where my desk used to be.

DSCN0826Perfect! Wouldn’t you agree?

DSCN0820Click on the card to see the message more clearly because it says it all.

berrydividerxBlogging has certainly opened the doors to friendships in many different parts of the world and for this I am truly blessed. Thank you, Darlene for extending your hand in friendship because I most certainly have accepted it in that spirit. You too have touched my ♥.

Happy stitching!

Kaaren ♥


Lurline said...

Such a touching story, Kaaren - I like it when people can be very honest abut their feelings! Darlene is a sweetie! I must email her to find out where to buy the teatowels - I love them and of course they would never be available in Australia - maybe I should do a quick Post to see if any of you American girls can help me!

Anonymous said...

Isn't she wonderful! Very sweet gal indeed...and your post was perfect!

Darlene said...

Oh my goodness I didn't realize your box had finally arrived. I'm glad you were pleased but excited that you were surprised.

I'm leaving your blog with tears in my eyes - thank you, my friend!

Jocelyn said...

Both of you ladies are really special!

dotti white said...

Kaaren...that is so sweet that you shared this special moment with us! Yes, Darlene is such a sweetie but so are you! Our blogging friendships are very precious!

Julie said...

awww, so very sweet! i'm sure darlene feels the same way kaaren!
big hugs,
julie xx

Abby and Stephanie said...

Two very sweet and thoughtful people--both you and Darlene.

Unknown said...

Hello KAAREN...

Your blog is a lot good!!!

COMPLIMENTS for all and for your fantastic creativity!!!

Kisses from Italy. NI by "bear's house"

I'm a your fallower...BYE

Susannah said...

How sweet. One friend thinking about the other!


Pat said...

What a lovely post. I think that Darlene is a sweet person. So are you my friend!

Unknown said...

Well aren't you the lucky one? Such a sweet anf thoughtful gift from Darlene (she's such a sweetie).

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

What a sweet post! More goodness being spread around blogland. I just love it!!

Hugs, Linda

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

More lovely things from friend to friend - that's wonderful.

Rumi said...

What a wonderful post today. Such nice people in blogland! Yes, the topper looks perfect on the little table.

Stina Blomgren said...

Ohhhh... this is the third quilt I have seen from Darlene now.. aint she just a wonderful wonderful friend... and so so generous!!! And the QUILT is gorgeous!!! :o) Im so happy you got one.. because you are a fantastic quilter and generous friend too..:o))

Candace said...

Wow - Darlene is truly an amazing woman - as are you! How nice that you were both able to connect, Kaaren!

Karen said...

I popped in to see the quilt that Darlene made for you. It is certainly a good one and will make a nice addition to your home. I remember her writing about receiving the wool mat and how surprised she was about your kindness. I did not "know" you at the time. Now it all comes together.