Monday, July 13, 2009

A Bit of Everything!

My Christmas in July swap gifts are wrapped and packaged. Now I’m just waiting for the post office to open so I can send them on their merry (ho, ho, ho) way. 

DSCN0739They were ready to go on Saturday…the first day of mailing…but in our little town, the post office isn’t open on Saturday. Shortly, they’ll be taking flight on a voyage across many oceans to some far and away exotic land.  Try as I might, I just couldn’t squeeze myself into the box.


In addition to swap gifts, I finally managed to find some decent sized boxes in which to mail my giveaway gifts as well.  So hold on gals, your goodies will be on their way in a couple of hours.DSCN0743Can you imagine what the ladies in the post office will say when they see me coming in with this lot?  I think they’ll have a coronary, especially when they see all the different places they’re going to!  And we might even have to get a mortgage on our house to pay for the postage!  VBG

DSCN0745Believe it or not, our quest for boxes took us into the BIG city so of course while I was there, I just had to stop at my LQS where there just ‘happened’ to be a sale on all of their fabric.  I bought some Thimbleberries fabric at a great price and I just might have to go back next week to get some different stuff and take advantage of the sale that continues until the 24th.

DSCN0748I just couldn’t resist picking up some wool to add to my stash…after all, it was calling my name!

berrydividerxSaturday’s crummy weather allowed me to play catch up on some of my stitching projects that had been placed on the back burner while I was busy with swap gifts…but I’ll save those for another post.

Happy stitching!

Kaaren  ♥



Julie said...

oooh, looks like your swap partner is going to be one very spoiled gal!
julie xox
p.s....lovin the new fabric & wool!

Heidi said...

Hi Kaaren! We have had rain too. In fact, Sunday we did not drive up to Cranberry Cottage since it was raining cats and dogs. It is great stitching weather but I don't seem to be getting much done. I just am too busy playing house instead. I have been changing vingettes in the house on all my (end)tables and rearranging flowers, etc.. I have to go out to the grocery store but hope to spend the afternoon working on my stitching when I get back.

Hugs ~

Anonymous said...

I think your swap partners will be spoiled just like me!!! Your fabric is great what are you going to make of it?

Shakerwood said...

Don't you love when the fabric you really want is on sale?!

Cathi said...

Your swap partner is going to be thrilled, I bet, with all those goodies to open!

Abby and Stephanie said...

I love small town post offices! I visit my post office so often I can recite all the questions they ask..."nothing liquid, fragile, perishable or potentially hazardous..." :o) They smile when they see me coming.

LOVE the pink and while polka dot wrappings. Can't wait to see the swap reveals.

Rumi said...

What a glorious pile of pink wrapped goodies. Lucky swap partner!

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I used to send dozens of packages a month when I had 2-3 chemo patients at a time, so I finally bought a post office scale and now do the postage at home. I keep all kinds of stamps on hand for my packages. But that doesn't work for International since customs is involved and sure sounds like your swap and giveaways are going to other countries. Postage sure does add up!!

Isn't it funny how things in the shops call our name? My hubby says nothing in a shop has ever called his name ever and he is older than me too! Hummm... I think I just have better hearing. Yes that must be it and you have the same acute hearing as well!

Looking forward to your back burner projects!

hugs, Linda

Janet said...

OMG your swap partner is going to be thrilled when she sees all that she has to unwrap. I wonder if the people at the post office think you've started up a business.

Darlene said...

Wonderful treasures for you swap partner. When she opens her package she'll yell "Woohoo". :-)

Lots of package to carry to the post office to make many, many people extremely happy!

Your generous spirit is awesome!

Micki said...

Your swap partner is one lucky girl and she is going to love it all!

Lurline said...

You are a Good Girl - I wrapped everything in one parcel - not as exciting, but I did make sure it was pretty! Please tell me the significance of Alleghany Moon - you must be very old, too, lol! I just love it!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Janet said...

Lucky gals on the receiving end. Maybe next swap I can get involved.

Carrie P. said...

Lots of goodies for your swap partner. I know whatever you sent her she will like.
I can only imagine what all that postage costs.

Mel said...

Christmas in July indeed!

Your post office will think you are Santa for sure!

Can't wait to see what you've been working on!

Candace said...

Someone is going to be very happy to get your goodies, Kaaren!! Great wrappings, too!