Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Unexpected Guests

They arrived unexpectedly and without any luggage.  All they wanted was a room for a couple of weeks.  They would even furnish their own food.

How could we refuse such a request?  We had a few vacant rooms and they did look a bit weary after their long trip northward, so of course we invited them to stay for as long as was necessary.  They promised to be as quiet as possible and said that they’d be in and out quite a bit as they had some ‘business’ to attend to.  We told them to carry on and to try not to mind our comings and goings either.

They chose this vacant room, perched atop our clothesline pole that is attached to our deck and about 5’ away from our patio doors.

DSCN0516I’m not sure if that’s Mr. or Mrs. Tree Swallow perched on top of their interim residence.

DSCN0519 He/she is exercising extreme patience, waiting until everything appears safe before entering.  This little ritual can take up to five minutes or longer.

DSCN0521If you click on the photo you can see either Mr. or Mrs. peeking their head out, checking once again to ensure that there is no eminent danger before they make a sortie to look for food.


Here’s what they look like up close and personal.  The color on their backs is a vibrant neon blue and they’re about the same size as a Goldfinch.

They’ve been in residence for almost two weeks now.  The first 3 to 4 days was spent building the nest which was no easy task given the fact that the opening to the birdhouse is not that large.  We don’t think that the eggs have hatched because we haven’t heard any noise from within.

They know that they’re welcome to stay for as long as they want and they definitely aren’t as skittish with our comings and goings into the backyard as they were when they first arrived. 

Isn’t nature amazing?



Janet said...

They're beautiful. The best kind of guests, they only give pleasure.

Sherri said...

Gorgeous! And the beginning of your post was so clever!

Candace said...

What pretty birds, Kaaren and such a nice condo you've provided for them!

Mel said...

I'm sure your hospitality is such that they will never want to leave!

Fun post Kaaren!

Janet said...

Gorgeous wee birds, that house does look inviting, do they come back to the same spot every year?

Abby and Stephanie said...

We have birds build or try to build nests in the most amazing places. Sometimes it works until a stiff wind blows. What a pretty little bird.

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Nature sure is amazing! Our duck encounter hammered that home in a big way this year.

What fun to watch the swallows do their thing!! Love the birdhouse too!

hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Loved your story as I wondered who moved in! Great read.

Darlene said...

Wonderful post!!! Last year we had Daisy Duck build a nest in our lantana bush - duckling appeared and soon she and her family were gone. She returned this year - built her next, laid her eggs and then some critter came along and destroyed the whole thing. We were super sad but it's all part of nature.

Your little 'family' is beautiful - enjoy!

Carrie P. said...

Yes, nature is amazing and so it that bird house.

Deb said...

Kaaren.. what a treat wonderful that they found such a loving home. I love all the items you have been making they are wonderful.. what skills you have!!

Unknown said...

They are beautiful. So nice of you to offer them a place to stay, hehehe. I love watching all the birds that visit my yard too.

Sherie said...

Kaaren, I have found your blog through Linda at Behind My Red Door and I must say what a great blog. I love your intro to your guests cute. Your sewing kit is just adorable. And your gardens in a previous post are gorgeous. I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog to see what will come next. Thanks for sharing...*Sherie*