Friday, May 8, 2009

‘Hands All Around’

As a follow up to my previous post where I featured my antique red and white quilt, a comment was left on my blog by Donnelly saying that she had made a wall hanging using this pattern which is called ‘Hands All Around’.

Donnelly posted a picture of it on her blog and enthusiastically granted me permission to ‘borrow’ her photo in order that I may post it here.

hands_all_aroundIt would appear to be the identical pattern that was used on my quilt.

DSCN0422Thanks, Donnelly for providing us with the block name and also for the permission to use your photo here.

Happy stitching!



Janet said...

When I saw the gorgeous red quilt, I thought to myself that the block was familiar so I looked in Blockbase but couldn't find it. I must be getting old because as soon as I saw the name, I knew it. I've made that block! In fact it's in my old sampler top I showed on my blog april 28th. How funny.

Dolores said...

Mystery solved. How nice. What a wonderful group of quilt bloggers.

Rumi said...

Yea! Another quilter to the rescue!

Carla said...

Nice to know the name of both beautiful quilts.

Candace said...

Oh how nice of Donnelly!

Sherri said...

Isn't blogging wonderful...we can find out so many things! And now your mystery is solved!