Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Once Upon A Time…

There were two sisters…Zinnia and Dahlia…who resided in Somewhere, Ohio.

The ‘Flower’ sisters were quite young, both under ten years of age, if my memory serves me correctly.  One day, while playing in their garden, they noticed the entrance to a very small residence under their deck.  To their utter surprise, they found out that a family of gnomes lived there.

As time passed, the ‘Flower’ sisters and the gnomes started corresponding with each other by means of notes left in the mailbox just outside the gnome’s door.  Gifts and other treasures also passed between them, and the friendship grew as did the story.

Coincidently, the gnomes happen to live right next door to Tom, who carves the santas that I paint. 

Now the plot begins to thicken.


Do you see anything out of the ordinary in this photo?

Just a few moments ago I returned from the post office to find an envelope with a North Carolina return address. When I opened it, I found this strange little gnome-like figure inside…and nothing else.  I have a very sneaky suspicion that the gnomes are migrating northward.


I placed him in amongst my carved spool santas because I didn’t want him to be lonely.  The santas took to him right away and as a matter of fact, they’re enjoying a cup of tea as I type this.  I don’t know whether any of his family will be joining him in the future but I’d like them to know that he’s in good hands and that they’re always welcome.

If you’d like to know more about the ‘Flower’ sisters and their continuing saga with the gnomes, you can read all about it here.

Happy stitching!


P.S. Beware of white padded envelopes with a NC return address because you never know what might be lurking inside!



Stina Blomgren said...

Ohhh.. what a lovely story..and your carved Santas is soooo lovely..glad the little gnome was accepted..:o)

Abby and Stephanie said...

Obviously the gnomes in NC heard of a wonderful place to live in Canada!

Darlene said...

What a delightful story - Mr Gnome is handsome - how could the Santas not accept him. :-)


Dolores said...

Yes, I have read of Tom's little neighbours and the gnomes that live beside Tom's house. Clever fellow, Tom. Lucky you, your very own gnome.

Candace said...

Maybe Mr. Gnome headed North to find a bride?

Janet said...

I have a feeling that this is the beginning of a story. Love the santas!

Carrie P. said...

You know how much I admire those Santas but that is neat to have a little gnome to hang out with them.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh what a sweet story!!

Kim said...

This is such fun and a very talented Gnome carver with a great sense of humor and fun is lurking about, lol. I wonder too how Mr. Gnome will find a bride?

Carla said...

Wonderful story. Love your santas. You're a very talented painter.

RG said...

Oh you're sooo funny and such a clever girl!
Thanks for sharing your gnomes with us all... :D
Robyn xx

Sara said...

How cute! Love the santas and the gnome! Glad Santa didn't kick him out, but then would Santa do something that mean??

Pat said...

Love it!!

Donnelly said...

Thanks for sharing Tom and Gnomey with us! I have checked faithfully everyday since you introduced them to us. I wish he could have been my neighbor when my children were small. I love that their are children out there who still believe in things like Gnomes!
Have a great day.