Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Different Vermont Shopping Trip

We went back to Vermont last Saturday but not with the intention of quilt shop hopping.

My DH and I have been doing a lot of talking lately about moving back to the states but I'm not too sure that I have another 'long distance' move in me. As a compromise, we are going to explore the possibilities of buying a second residence in the US within a day's drive of where we currently live in eastern Ontario. This leaves us with many choices...upstate NY, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and even Maine.

We are in no rush and have been searching on the internet for prospective homes in different areas. We made contact with a realtor in the Burlington/Montpelier area of Vermont, and decided to meet with her last Saturday just to let her know what our plans were and to make sure that we were on the same page. We left her with our "wish list" and now the ball is in her court to find us that elusive "ideal" property.

So we accomplished what we had set out to do and now what? Turn around and go straight home...without visiting at least one quilt shop? NOT! At this point we were a stone's throw from Strawberry & Rhubarb in Williston, VT. Sam dropped me off while he went to Staples and Chapters and said that he'd be back in an hour.

Well, we all know how much damage we can do with an hour in a quilt shop!

I picked up these funky Christmas fabrics with the possibility of using them for an upcoming swap.

And the photos don't do the colors of these fabrics justice at all. They are waaay cool!

The whimsical fabrics on the right are destined for something for my grand niece who's expected to make her debut into this world sometime next month. The ones on the left just kept calling out to me to take them home.

And look at this fun rick rack by Moda. I just had to have some of that. I regretted not buying some when I was there before so this time I made sure that it was coming home with me.

And our final stop was at Joann's. How could I not stop by Joann's to use my 40% off coupon.

So now the wheels have been set in motion to find a second residence in the US. We're still not sure of where we would like to hang our secondary hats, but we'll know it when the house itself speaks to us upon crossing the threshold.

Happy stitching!


Abby and Stephanie said...

Love the Humpty Dumpty fabric. Isn't that a new Alexander Henry? I'm trying to NOt buy, yeah right, and save my $$$ for the NQA show in Columbus in June. Mr. Creations and I plan to retire to the Pacific Northwest. One of these years soon we'll take trips to investigate. We'll know the place when we see it. :o)

Pat said...

S&R must have new fabric since I was there. Trims are they new too? I may have a new neighbor too. Good luck with your house hunting.

Kimberly said...

What great news! Now those great fabric shops will be on the same side of the "line" as you!

...great fabrics, and I looove the trim!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news! Those areas of the states are so pretty too!

I really, really like the top photo with the pea green fabric! They caught my eye REAL QUICK!!

Dorothy said...

Kaaren, I love that Moda rick-rack and I've got just the project for it too!
Do you know if it is available in Canada yet?

Rumi said...

We sure can do alot of damage in 1 hour can't we! Good luck house hunting.

Sherri said...

LOVE the Moda trims...I'm going to have to find some of those!!! I didn't realize you lived in Ontario...many of my ancestors came from Ireland/Scotland and settled in Perth/Drummond in Lanark county, Ontario before coming to the states. It's probably a great time to be house-hunting...they say it's a buyer's market!

Carrie P. said...

Lovely fabrics. I just bought some of the Moda trim in the gold. It is so vintage. Have fun looking at houses. You know, Candace at Squash House has a house for sale. LOL

Maride said...

I read your blog today for the first time. I have been to Strawberry and Rubharb and love it. I tested a new Bernina there and loved it. If the burlington area is a possibility, are you willing to give upstate NY a try? I have a house for sale in Plattsburgh, NY. I am a quilter and have a great room designated just for that. I have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, 2 car garage and 2.25 acress of land, that comes with a great view of the Greene Mountains in Vermont. It is a great place to use up all those fabrics. We have a local shop (Loose Threads) about the same size ans Strawberry and Rhubharb. If you are back in the area, you may want to give my house a chance. we are just a ferry ride away.

Please e-mail me if interested.


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh that is great news, good luck with the house, i hope you find your dream home soon! LOVE, LOVE your fabric choices and I thought i could do a lot in an hour!! Love the Christmas fabrics and the orange, and orange and pink, oh nuts, I like it all!!!

Sara said...

Love all those great fabrics! You found some really good ones!

Good Luck on finding a house!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Had to stop by and check out your blog. I saw the amazing easter rug you sent Darlene and it is just too wonderful! Your stitching on it is amazing! But what really caught my eye was the santa pin - did you make that? That is just too cute! Love all your finds, and that ric rac is so fun!

Darlene said...

Some fun shopping after a little serious business.

Candace said...

I just saw Carrie's comment - now that's a thought!!! But a bit of a drive! Good luck on house hunting, Kaaren - I know you'll find the right one! I love the Christmas fabric - I used those cats in the windows on some of my Christmas Cottage swap blocks - fun!

Janet said...

Do we ever intend to shop for quilting but what trip is complete without stopping at a few quilt shops and of course find something we can't live without. Looks like you had fun.

ranette said...

I loved the Burlington/Montpelier area the best when my hubby and I visited that part of the US several years ago. We stayed in a cool B&B in Montpelier. It's so different from the places that I've lived, so much history. We have history in Oklahoma too, just not the same

Oh I love all of your fabric too! :o)

Neabear said...

I just fairly recently found out about Moda fabrics. I now follow the Moda Bake Shop blog. I have found one shop so far that carries the Moda stuff around here. Actually there may be two others, but I have not visited them yet. There was not much of a selection at the shop I went to though. Oh well. I enjoy seeing what you are up too. I found you on Tom's blog.