Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hexagons of Hope - Australian Bush Fires

There's a fun group that is open to anyone who is doing any hexagon project...or who may be interested in doing join this relatively new blog to share tips, show photos and for just fellowship in general. The blog was started by Robyn who lives in Australia and is called the Hexagon Quilt Along.

Having said that, I'm sure you've all heard on your local newscasts, no matter which corner of the would you live in, about the devastation, loss of lives, homes, businesses, domestic animals and wildlife as a result of the bush fires in Victoria, Australia.

In recognition of the hardship that the burned out survivors are enduring, Robyn came up with the idea for The Hexagons of Hope.

Briefly, she has asked for volunteers to make any amount of 2" hexagons to be donated to the women who have survived the devastation. We all know the peace that stitching gives each and every one of us and this is perhaps one small way that we can try to provide it for them. Even though you might never have made a hexagon before, Robyn has all the information on the new Hexagons of Hope blog, which includes a visual tutorial and a link to download the 2" template. Please find it in your hearts to take a little time out from your busy lives to help these families. I've committed to making 50 hexagons which I just cut out, but any amout will do.

The freezer paper templates are ironed on and hopefully I'll finish the basting this weekend and have them in the mail on Monday.

I know how busy our lives are and for me, this certainly brings back memories of when we were living in south Florida in 1993 when hurricane Andrew came on shore and the destruction that was left behind. Let's do what little we can to help. Please pass this information along to anyone who you think might be interested in participating.


Julie said...

that's really nice of you kaaren!
thanks for thinking of & helping my fellow aussies, they're doing it tough right now.

julie x

RG said...

Thankyou Karen, this is so awesome!
Warm hugs. Julie's right, they are doing it tough, so your help and compassion means the world.
Robyn xx

Mel said...

Hey Kaaren, thanks for the info, I signed up after reaading about it on your post. I've always wanted to try hexagons, now I have a good reason!

Hope you are having a pleasant weekend!