Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back From the BIG City!

Well, we did it! We left at about 8:00 this morning and although it was sunny, the roads were really icy in places. The temperature dropped about 25 degrees overnight and the wind was gusting so the flash freeze that was in the forecast did indeed happen.

Rain, snow, ice, wind...did they manage to put a damper on my shopping? Absolutely not! I think the quilt shop knew I was coming because they had lots of new fabric on display and if you can believe it, almost everything had my name on it! Really!

Nearest the door and first into my basket was a bundle of 10 fat quarters for a redwork quilt that's on my "to do" list. These didn't even have to call my name. They just jumped into my basket even before I had a chance to say hi to Michele the shop owner.

Next on my list was more Mettler embroidery thread to add to my ever-growing collection. This has become my thread of choice for applique. I believe there are about 55 colors and I think I now have about half of them. In order to avoid duplication, I take my list of numbered colors with me and add my new ones to it. I also bought some ric rac and long needles for some pin cushion projects that are on that same "to do" list. ultimate weakness...Civil War fabrics! These are only a very few of the new collection that just arrived and they were definitely calling out to me to take them home. How could I possibly refuse? Did I stop there?

Absolutely not! This fabric was literally screaming at me and three yards later, my basket was getting kinda full. Can you imagine a border done with this fabric? I think I'm about to swoon.

And last, but certainly not least...two yards of this wonderful taupe-y Civil War fabric from the same collection.

We had a nice lunch on the way back and even managed to take the dogs for a walk. Shopping in the BIG city makes me happy but it sure tires me out. Happy stitching!


Dolores said...

Wow, I'm glad your weekend has started out on a great note. It's always nice to get new stuff, especially fabric.

Carrie P. said...

You are so funny. Are you sure your name was on all that stuff. I think my name was. LOL I all your fabrics espcially the bird fabric. I am collecting the Mettler thread too. I have a list and when it goes on sale I buy a few more spools. It is great for applique. Glad you got to go shopping. We are supposed to have snow tomorrow. March is coming in like a lion.

Pat said...

Wow, You did have a great day too. I love all the new fabrics. Can't wait to see them stitched up.

Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

I love everything you bought today...good trip. I went fabric shopping today too and I think we bought the same red fabric. I actually used it in the tutorial I finally posted. Great civil war fabrics too. Once my daughter finishes her underground railraod quilt, I'll see what we have left for fabric and maybe we can send you some.
Enjoy all your goodies,

Mel said...

Isn't it embarrasing when fabric yells at you in public? You did the right thing by picking them up and taking them home!

Great stuff!!

Deb said...

Kaaren.. I know what you are doing!!Na na..the redwork fabric is just gorgeous it will be perfect.
I was very lucky there was a store that is moving and had mettler buy 1 get 1 know what happened there!!
sounds like you had a fabulous day and I love that Gorgeous Bird are making it very tempting to go for a little shopping...LOL

Karen said...

Oh! lots of wonderful stuff. Love the red fabric!

Sara said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I love those fabrics! Some really great choices!
Thanks for joining my PIF - watch for more info to come!!
Happy Sewing!

Jackie's Stitches said...

I love the stack of red fabric! Sounds like a great shopping trip!

Dorothy said...

Love all your fabric choices Kaaren. Can't wait to see what you do with the bird fabric.

Darlene said...

A great shopping day, indeed! Sometimes fabric and/or treasures will actually jump out and grab me - it's so embarassing. LOL

RG said...

Oh!!! That beautiful fabric!!!!
It's screamng at me!!
I could not walk past that either... you did the right thing... now you can live in peace :D
Robyn xx

Khris said...

ohhh I love your birdie pincushion and that fabric you just brought with the birdies on is gorgeous. Can you tell me what the name of it is so I can scour the online stores for some..hugs Khris in Oz