Monday, April 9, 2012

Thanks Again!

While I was going through a very long six weeks of radiation and chemo treatments a short time ago, the highlight of each week was to go home on the weekends and spend time with Mr. Painted Quilt, Mac and Frankie…even though I slept most of the time.  The icing on the top of the cake was the sight of all the packages and cards piled high on our dining room table that were arriving daily by mail from around the world.  I can’t tell you how touched and overwhelmed I was and still am with your generosity and for caring.

I would like to share with you some of the gifts I received.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Tons of fabric including yardage, fat quarters and charm squares.  Heavenly!


You can never have too many pincushions!


Hand crafted items…stunning!


Miscellaneous bits and bobs…too much fun!


Bags and cases…gorgeous…and useful too!


Tissue holders, needlecases, scissor keeps, change purses, a thread catcher and a cardinal ornie.  Swoon!


Patterns…I want to make them all!


I think these postcards were made using the technique called thread art but I stand to be corrected.  The images are totally created using a sewing machine.  Click on the photo to enlarge it for a better and closer look.  They are truly works of art!


The reverse side of the postcards.


All kinds of note pads and some felted wool to add to my stash.


Two pieced houses blocks which I think I’ll be making into pincushions like Mary did here.


Magazines and books loaded with inspiring ideas!


Paper pieced minis…to die for!


And last but not least, angels to watch over me.


Amazing stuff, huh?  Whenever I look at these photos my heart melts and I’m blown away again.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  I will treasure these gifts forever.


If you’ve read this far then you know that today is the day where I’m happy to announce the winner of my Flying Scarecrow giveaway.


I know it’s not picked that often but Mr. Random Generator didn’t have to spin the wheel too hard because it only had to go as far as number 1.

 Janet O didn’t have too much faith in being the first person to leave a comment but see, Mr. RG proved her wrong.  *wink*  Janet, I will be sending you an email shortly to ask for your mailing address and pretty soon, the Flying Scarecrow will be living at your house.

Thanks to everyone who entered.  I wish I could have had one for each of you!



Bluebell said...

This s a lovely post and you must feel very loved, what lovely friends you have. I hope you are on the road to recovery.


textilefiend said...

Kaaren, be blessed and feel encouraged! I have been reading your blog for a while now, and feel I know you a little. Having lived in Canada for 6 years when I was a a young adult has given me a keen interest in Canadian and North American home decorating - something severely lacking here in Sydney Aust!! I'm interested to know if any of those patterns came from Australia - one looks familiar.

JudyCinNC said...

We all love being your friend ... You have more friends than you know because you are important to us. Congratulations, Janet - Lucky you. Judy C sends warmest greetings to you.

Me and My Stitches said...

So glad that you had all of the wonderful gifts to cheer you up during your treatment. We are all praying for you!

WoolenSails said...

So many wonderful things and I know how much it can lift our spirits when friends send things to get us through the tough times. I love those postcards, I have the supplies, now I need to try some.


Carrie P. said...

Congrats! to Janet! You have received some beautiful gifts. I see the ones I sent. Enjoy!

rosa said...

Me alegro de que estes mejor,besos desde EspaƱa

GerryART said...

Kaaren, dear Friend, you are The Very Best ! ! !
love 'n hugs

Lesley said...

Wonderful treasures for a wonderful gal! Congrats tothe glad to see that a 'number one' comment' does sometimes rise to the top of the giveaway list. A treasure for Janet to be sure. Thank you for sharing your special is indeed a tribute to you and to the generosity and compassion of this quilt community. Gotta love it!

Elyte said...

:You deserve it all. Enjoy!

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing with us. It was a pleasure to join in. I love the postcards, really amazing! So many lovely things from talented people.

paulette said...

Big Hug sent your way!! You deserve it all...and more! You take care!

Janet O. said...

I can't believe it, Kaaren! I really won? I feel so honored and I know just where this superhero (he flies, doesn't he?) scarecrow will spend the fall months at my home. He will have a place of honor.
You were gifted with so much love! There was one other thing I had wanted to send you but didn't, and that was some of my handcrafted, herbal soap. I just got several batches made last week. It takes a few weeks to cure, but you should receive that in the mail sometime early in May.
Blessings to you! And many thanks!!

Sandra Henderson said...

Congratulations to Janet!~ He is so darned cute!
Oh, what pretty gifts of love you received. Aren't there the most sweet, talented people out there in this small world of ours/!?!?!? So thankful for this internet, as I never would have met you or so many.
Hope you had a Happy Easter! I know you are enjoying your Spring. BIG HUG. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Sandra

Candace said...

You truly have many friends around the world, Kaaren! Sometimes the friendship and gifts from fellow quilters is the best healer!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

You are certainly well loved by all of your blogging friends Kaaren - and rightly so!

Rosemary said...

Certainly you are among friends...and I'm sure many of us will continue to keep you in our hearts and prayers so this deadly disease doesn't return. What a wonderful treasure trove of gifts, I'm sure you'll enjoy each one. Blessings to you...enjoy the renewal of life that comes with Spring! - Rosemary

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

All such wonderful treasures from some wonderful friends!!!
Congratulations to the winner and Thanks for hosting!!!
Praying for you!
Prim Blessings

Merilyn said...

Congratulations to Janet for being the winner!! Just goes to show that no. 1 isn't always unlucky LOL!!!!
Your gifts are all just lovely Kaaren, some very talented and caring people out there with your best interests at heart!!!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful post Kaaren, you have alot of special friends who's lives you have touched. Encluding mine.

God Bless you!

Hugs, Carolyn

marina said...

Congratulations to Janet! What lovely parcels that arrived at your place, all well deserved gifts.

the ebay lady said...

Love your blog. You have given me so many ideas!I just set up a new blog spot myself. I just followed you and hoping you'll follow back!

Sandy said...

What wonderful, generous gals are out in sewing/stitching land! I am so happy for you and still pray for your complete recovery. Have fun with your goodies.

carol said...

Blessings abound in many forms - what love and caring from so many caring people. There are good people. We are all so happy to have you feeling so much better.