Sunday, February 13, 2011

What do you do when you’re stressed out?

I go S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G!

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Yesterday, Mr. Painted Quilt, Mac and I headed across the province to the pretty town of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.  Mahone Bay is your typical quintessential and picturesque tourist destination.  Although I am now a resident, I still consider myself a tourist here because at times I have to pinch myself when I witness the beauty that surrounds me.  However, we travelled the 90 or so miles with a purpose in mind.

I N-E-E-D-E-D some supplies!

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I am in the final stages of my finishing my first hooked rug and my local shop, Moose River Rug Hooking Studio does not as yet carry the cording that I need to finish the edging. 


As you can see, I am sooooooo close.  I just have the border, two remaining windows and the chimney left to hook and then I’m ready to complete the mat.  Well, what’s a gal to do?  I N-E-E-D-E-D the necessary supplies.

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Mahone Bay has two rug hooking shops…Encompassing Designs and Spruce Top (no website)…so why not kill two shops  birds with one stone?  It’s not like the shops are around the corner…right?

By coincidence, Encompassing Designs was having a Valentine Day Sale with 10 – 30% off most supplies.  What’s a gal to do…especially with all the stress I’ve been under lately…right?


You would do the same…right? 

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Well, along with the cording that I absolutely needed, I also bought some gorgeous over dyed wool that I C-O-U-L-D-N’T live without.


The picture does not do the colors justice.  They are amazing!

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So today my stress level is reading ‘normal’.  It’s amazing what a little retail therapy can do, huh?  *wink*



Linda said...

Retail therapy is the best. Especially when you can get a sale.
My first teacher taught us with the cording and wool to finish the edge then I picked up info from Polly Minick. She has been hooking for years. I tried one of her meathods. I used binding. If you look closely at my rug you will see the striped binding. Its fun anyway you finish it. Glad you are still enjoying your new craft.

Ter'e said...

Oh you little dickens!!!! You are hooking so fast!!!!! I am so proud of you. Your rug is just darling!
I, for one, do not use cording. I'm going to see if the finishing method I use is still on the net. I have used coding in the past, and did not care for it. My personal opinion tho.
Such fun you are having. So many shops, so little time.
Shop a little for me too, would ya????? Have fun!!!!!! I can't wait to see your next pattern!!!!!

Shelley said...

OOOOHHHH, I want to go to Mahoney Bay now because I NEED some of that dyed wool LOL!! I love your hooked rug too's amazing how fast you have done it..seems like you just started it yesterday. Love the old sink in your bathroom..lucky you :) new paint next week!

Darlene said...

I like your therapy. teehee! I'm really enjoying your 'hooking' journey.

pinsandneedles said...

Retail therapy definitely releases a little stress as long as it's buying fabric, wool and other such crafty necessities. I'm sure buying a bathing suit wouldn't so it for me! Hehe!

Farm Girl said...

I love the colors of your wool. Your rug like everything you do is just beautiful. I would be so amazed to find one store and you found two.

I am so glad after this last week and all of the work you have been doing that you got to get out and do something fun.

Wendy said...

I'd take that advise anytime, shopping is good for the health.

Sheila said...

The perfect solution to stress in my opinion and a sale well you can't beat that now can you ;-)You rug is going to be beautiful and you have really done it guickly .Oh I am so jealous of those wools , just thinking about them I can almost feel their softness . Have fun!

Muddling Through said...

I'm with you, Kaaren! Shopping is just such good therapy, and since I've been unable to get out - I've gone shopping online!

By Hoki Quilts said...

Mmmmm, you just had to have some sort of therapy didn't you. It must be exciting, (as well as stressful)thinking about where and what you are going to put here there and every where once the redec is done. Of course you will NEED to make so many new thing for the place too, if for no other reason the replace those that you were able to clear out in the yard sale at the old house ; )).

WoolenSails said...

Wool shopping is always a great pick me up, lol.
We do that when we go to maine, start in one place and then travel around to hit all the good stores;)


Gayle said...

I looked around the website for Encompassing Designs - they have some pictures of the interior of the store - and it looks like every bit as much fun as the one closest to your home. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Shopping and LUNCH out make for a good day especially when it is the fun kinda shopping. *wink*

Larkrise garden girl said...

I love your Rug! Your colors are so wonderful. Good Job

Sandi said...


Your new header is lovely, how lucky you are to live so close to Mahone Bay.

I've only been there once, but remember the lovely view of the 3 churches from across the bay.

I'm enjoying watching "Haven" to see what I remember of Lunnenburg and surrounding film sites.

Seems like I'll have to make another trip out your way soon.

Your rug is looking lovely.

marina said...

well done. I am sure retail therapy is cheaper than a lot of other therapies. lol
Lovely wools.

Janet said...

Now you'll simply have to go back Kaaren since you didn't take any pictures - I don't know where enchanted designs is - Main street heading on toward Lunenburg?
But Sprucetop has just the loveliest building and the view across the water is to die for. Pictures!!! So back you go next weekend - there are also some great places to have lunch!

Sandy said...

Yes, shopping is the best...especially for our craft loves! Internet or in person....Your wools are yummy!

Candace said...

I tell you, Kaarenm retail therapy sure helped me when we moved to the Squash House! How great that Mr. PQ understands your needs!! Now I know how those nice edges happen around the hooked rugs, too! I wonder what all that gorgeous wool will become?

Allie said...

Your rug is looking soooo beautiful! Retail therapy is essential, I glad you got out to do some, and got some gorgeous things!

Val said...

Sounds like you had some fun. Your rug is turning out great and I love those wools. I would say you deserved a bit of a shopping break.

Janet said...

Your hooked, lol. I love the retail therapy, you got some wonderful wool colours. The mat is very impressive, I think you're a natural.

Jenny's Craft Place said...

The rug looks lovely. Maybe another shopping trip is in order to make sure you are :) Happy crafting, Jenny

Siobhan said...

WOW!!!! You are such a fast hooker, and I am insanely jealous--in a very good way, of course--that you live so close to all those rug hooking shops! :) Your rug looks great--I'm cheering you on towards your finish!