Thursday, January 13, 2011

It’s Finished!

Around noon yesterday, the predicted snow storm arrived.  We have been very fortunate this winter in that this was our first major accumulation and it’s almost the middle of January.  Up until now we have had a few light dustings but yesterday’s storm was a gentle reminder that this is Canada and the “S” word is always lurking around the next corner at this time of year.  On the plus side, the temperature is around 30 F which is indicative of Nova Scotia’s moderate climate…at least where we live by the ocean.


Knowing that we were going to be house bound for the rest of the day, we went into town early in the morning to pick up some groceries and a few things that I needed to finished my hooked purse.  I worked on it yesterday afternoon and finished it this morning.


It’s not perfect and considering that it was a learning experience, I’m pleased with the way it turned out.  Of course if I had to make another one, there are things that I would do differently.  Kathy was a tremendous teacher and I’m looking forward to taking her finishing a rug class at the end of the month.  Now I just have to work hard at completing my rug so that I have something to finish in class.  *wink*


We didn’t get as much snow or  high winds as was predicted.  Mr. Painted Quilt was out at 6:30 this morning clearing the walks and circular driveway. 


It’s huge…just ask him.


Admiring his work…


And Mac is sitting patiently at the kitchen door waiting to go out and help.


Everything looks so clean and pristine under a fresh blanket of snow.

The workshop…


And to the right of the workshop, one of the barns…


And the view of the Annapolis Basin across the way…brrrrrr.


While Mr. Painted Quilt was outside shovelling, I stayed indoors and stripped the wallpaper from the inside back wall of the built in china cupboard and gave it a good cleaning.  I’m going to allow it to dry overnight and start the painting tomorrow.  Slowly but surely…

P.S.    One last thing…a note to Debra and Pat regarding your email advising me of the broken link to my FFF #15.  The link is now fixed.  Thanks for letting me know.  However,  you both came up as “no-reply” bloggers which meant that I had no way to contact you to tell you this.   *sigh*  Here’s hoping that you read this and not think that I didn’t take the time to reply to you.

Kaaren ♥


  1. Your purse came out beautifully!
    I would say you have the gift for hooking.
    I think someone needs a snow blower, lol.
    Out snow was thick and heavy, getting too old for shoveling.


  2. Love your purse, what a great first project. Your place looks fabulous, the snow, the white shop with the winter Santa needs to bring hubby a snowblower!

  3. It all looks wonderful and so does your hooked purse. It has been so nice to follow along with your move and everything. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see your next project. Thanks for the info on the broken link, I just thought it was my computer. :)

  4. Kaaren,

    first off, Happy New Year! I love your purse. You did a great job with it. and I'm impressed. Is this your first attempt at hooking? I really want to try it but like everything I want to try more than I have time. Your view is beautiful with the snow. Here in Virginia this time it missed us, just a dusting and sleet. But boy has it been cold.

    Can't wait to see what you get into next.


  5. I love our purse. It turned out Beautifully!!

  6. Love your hooked bag Kaaren! And even with or without the snow your place looks lovely.

  7. Wow Kaaren - That was fast! And it looks really, really good! congrats on your first finish!

  8. Your first project looks awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing the next one. Your snow is pretty too. What a beautiful area to live in.

  9. Wow Kaaren, it's beautiful. I love it, be very proud of yourself you did an excelent job.

    On another note, I'm working on your Raggedy Ann & Andy stitching pieces. I'm going to make something smaller so will not be putting it in the blocks like you did. I'm on block 3 and nearly done with both of those blocks. I'll let you know when I'm done with the stitching you have so far (another one is coming soon...right?!?!)


  10. Wow, that's as gorgeous as I imagined it would be ... congrats on your new purse and new passion!! And your scenery's lovely as well!

  11. Love your purse Kaaren - it came out beautifully. I am happy this week as I've finished my first locker hooking project - so I'm a hooker now too (you know what I mean!)

    Wonderful snow pictures - awwww, little Mac looks so sweet waiting to go out but I think he would disappear in those deep snows!

  12. Oh my Kaaren, your purse looks amazing. I agree that Mr.PQ needs a snowblower or a plow..

  13. You;ve just got to love a man that does such a great job out in the cold, and his side kick sitting waiting patiently indoors is just so cute too.
    Kaaren the purse, like anything you turn your hands to hans worked out great. Gosh you really have landed on your feet withn this move haven't you.
    keep warm

  14. I hope you are staying snuggly and warm in your new home Kaaren. We have not had snow, but it has been bitterly COLD in Florida.

  15. Kaaren your purse is just gorgeous! I love how colorful it is, and the great texture!
    The snow doesn't look so great, lol - it's pretty but that fire looks much nicer.

  16. The purse looks great.Hooking ---another thing on my list of things to do.
    I have been working on the raggedy quilt.Am up to block 5.Red work still to do on blocks 4 and 5.
    I did get them traced onto the blocks, only to find out I had block 4 upside down.I took it apart turned the redwork pieces and made it right.Ready to stitch.
    I have posted my progress to my blog.
    I am enjoying this project very much.thanks again judy j

  17. OH....MY....GOSH.... I love your purse. How cute. All those different hooking designes really make it lovely. Beautiful snow eh? Still shovelling here in our yard!!! Well not me that is... Take care Dianne

  18. I love your rug pursh , it is different for sure ! I also love the round Robin pin cushion you and others made, it turned out great!
    I agree with the other ladies ,your hubby defintly needs a snow blower for that huge drive way.

  19. Neat purse. I did not know there were different stitches for hooking.

  20. Your purse is wonderful!! I can't wait to start!! Audrey was sick this week and so she had to postpone until Tuesday and without her wool cutter, I am stuck!! But my pattern is drawn and my colors are picked.

    Yes, you need a snowblower with that long driveway! Or some young kids with muscles and lots of energy!

    Looking forward to seeing the cupboard all done up!!

    Stay warm my friend and enjoy that breathtaking view out front!! HUGS!

  21. Love you sampler purse, it came together quick. I'm with Debbie, I think that you need a snow blower for the driveway. Enjoyed the pictures of the Snow.

  22. Your hooked purse is amazing. I popped in here from a link at Carol's Crafty Creations and was excited to find your FFF's and your tutorials and your BOM. I am not into Raggedy Anne or stitchery but I am very new to quilt making and found your BOM details very informative. I am inspired to design, now some of the mystery has been taken out of the design process. Love your blog. Cheers from Brisbane.

  23. I love, love, love your purse. It looks like the kind of purse I would use and enjoy. The colors are great. You did a lovely job, Kaaren.

    Hubby is getting a whole lotta exercise shoveling the driveway....what a good guy!


  24. Your purse looks great, can't believe you've finished it so quickly for your first project!

    We has snow here yesterday on the West coast. Most of it is gone from the roads and sidewalks as it happens here.

    I think I know the perfect gift for my PQ...A SNOWBLOWER!

    Cheers to both of you for being so energetic!

  25. Your purse looks fantastic, well done I say. The photos of the snow are very pretty, especially the red barn in all that white.

  26. bag looks great Kaaren... We also got lots of snow but have been lucky so far so no complaining. It was coming down fast and furious around supper time last night.. no schools open today.. I stayed in and did some quilting but had to stop because my fingers are sore sore sore !!! but I will continue tonight while watching TV.

  27. You have way more snow than us Kaaren! We can still see the green grass sticking up out of our snow LOL! Nice purse BTW :)

  28. Beautiful purse! Pretty snow pictures, too. Snow is beautiful, but it always has to be moved around, and it's heavier than it looks.

  29. Great job on the hooked purse Kaaren - great colours!
    It was a lovely, gentle snowfall, wasn't it? We have been fortunate so far this winter - fingers and toes crossed please, there is still time for it to turn unpleasant.
    But I do note it lighter earlier in the morning and there is still a little light by 5PM too - hopeful is my second name!
    Your home is starting to look very cosy - nice little heater in the kitchen.
    Take care, and keep warm!
    Janet up the road in Hall's Harbour

  30. Love your purse Kaaren. It is so interesting to see all the different stitches in rug hooking. I'm afraid here in south western Ontario we have a lot more snow, and it it very cold right now. All good excuses to stay inside and work on some projects. Looking forward to seeing your next project.

  31. The purse is beautiful and the photos are great.

  32. If you don't tell me what's wrong with it, I'd never know. I think your purse looks great! The snow, not so much.

  33. Dear Kaaren, first a big compliment for your husband, he has done a great job. Your pretty purses, wow, that You've done well. By the way, as much snow as we know it. A beautiful weekend for you and the family. Your Christine from Germany.

  34. your new bag is beautiful...
    an amazing finish! so whats your next project!
    ok I think he needs a snow blower! how many barns do you have and what will you do with all of them???
    I LOVE barns ! Love seeing pictures of the area you now live in, I can see why you moved there

  35. Wow it is fabulous... add hooking to your repotoire..LOl... I love the snow pics can you send some snow my way.. he he
    husg Dawn x x x

  36. Beautiful! Love your winter photos and love the music you have playing on your blog. :)

  37. Maybe a snow-blower should be on Mr. PQ's list. Looks like he's plenty of space to store one in. I think the snow looks beautiful, Kaaren - so fresh, light and fluffy.

    I think your purse is beautiful.

    Isn't it funny how we make something - for the first time - and then learn what we'll do differently next time to make the process better, easier and more to our individual liking? That's how it was for me recently when I made Tucker's Doggie Coat.

  38. The purse turned out great! And it's finished....a double plus.

    That's the same amount of snow we got. But down here in the sunny south, it's a disaster. Atlanta schools are still out after 5 days!! It does look beautiful when it is falling, though!

  39. The purse is awesome!! good for you!
    The scenery is beautiful.

  40. I think your purse came out gorgeous, Kaaren! I see lots of hooking in your future! Stay warm.

  41. I really enjoy your blog and so does my 20 month old granddaughter, whenever the music starts, she stops what she is doing and runs to me to dance.
    Thought you might get a chuckle out of this.
    Your site is fun and an inspiration.
    Great job on the purse!

  42. Your purse is wonderful Kaaren. I love hooked rugs but it just hasn't taken off here in Australia. I am looking forward to watching you make more. Your property looks beautiful all covered in snow like that and I love the wreath on the wall of the workshop!

  43. Love the purse. Of course, I expected nothing less than perfection from your hands. What a treasure this is.
    Oh my gosh..............loved all the snow pix. Gorgeus!!!!!!

  44. Your bag looks fabulous. I love all the different textures.
    What was that like working with the different yarns/wools etc?
    Did you find some harder to work with?
    Love all the snowy photos.

  45. I love your hooked bag and wow, that's a lot of snow. I am looking forward to your hooked rug.

  46. Sweet purse and I think you are multi-talented!

    You do live right by the ocean...Wow!

  47. Your purse came out great. cant wait to see your next project. Oh that snow is a lot out there. Do you have to shovel for Max also? We have to for Zoey. Have a great day and do some hooking.

  48. Gorgeous work on the bag, Kaaren! Who says you're a beginner! I see many wonderful rug projects in the future! Mr. PQ is to be admired for all the shoveling - yikes! And I can see all the whitecaps on the bay - what a sight that must be! Stay warm (maybe Mac would like a little hooked coat)!

  49. I love your purse ! so colourful !


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